Sun, 7th Nov '04, 9:40 am::

Last night I threw the first party of my life! I was the host for once :) So basically Brian (boss's bro) and Scott decided that I am throwing them an impromptu party last night. I went to Walmart and got some party stuff (food, drinks, paperwares). Brian came over early and we went to Publix and K-Mart to get the rest of the stuff. Around 5pm, Brian and I started drinking. Man that was some STRONG punch!

First to arrive were Eric (my boss) and his wife Amy. Then came Scott, Linda, Kelly, and Chris. Everyone ate a lot but drank too little. I have enough liquor to last me a year! Brian actually brought his stash of Rum, Vodka, Tequila from his mini-bar. We drank, we played movie trivia games, we watched South Park, and funny videos. We ate and made fun of each other and basically had an overall good time :) And we walked all the way to the swimming pool all drunk and just chilled by the poolside for a while. It was fun trying to walk in the dark.

Since this was my first party, I didn't wanna do "too much." Just wanted people to come hang out at my place and spend a nice evening together. Next time though, I'll plan lotsa fun things!

Here's to Formulated Solutions!

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