Tue, 9th Nov '04, 7:55 am::

So last evening I went to Tampa to play with my friend Jessica's kitten Trixie. Before I get my own cats I wanted to make sure I'm comfortable playing with them. So yeah, now I'm thinking of getting two kittens, thanks to my sister's idea that one cat will feel lonely when I leave for work all day. I asked the good folks at (Total)Fark the same thing and they agreed; best is to get two kittens from the same litter. I absolutely loved Trixie. She was jumping all over me, hiding from me, and suddenly sneaking up and jumping to play with my hand. I absolutely loved her! I wanted to steal her but Jessica would've killed me :-P Hehe.

Anyways, gotta get to work now. Long day ahead as usual. But it'll be fun because my job rocks :)

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