Fri, 26th Nov '04, 3:45 pm::

I live right next to the Florida Blood Services and pass by it everytime I leave my apartment. After 5+ months of ignoring the big "PLEASE DONATE" sign, I finally got the courage to go in and donate blood. I think what pulled me in today was the smaller sign saying: "A+ Blood Critically Needed." That's my type. So I figured, shopping can wait a bit. I walked in and met the nicest bunch of people. I found my blood pressure is pretty good (100/70) too. I donated half a liter of blood and hopefully it'll help someone in need. And best of all I got a free movie ticket, a free pass to the Salvador Dali museum in downtown St. Petes, and a buncha snacks. My next donation date is Jan 21, 2005 and hopefully I'll go there to donate again.

Anyways, I bought a buncha crap from Walmart (ketchup, kitty litter, spices etc.). It wasn't as crowded as I expected it to be. Now I'm home and have two more days of nothing to do. Life is good. I like this relaxed schedule. My buddy Taylor is in town. Might chill with him soon...

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