Sat, 12th Mar '05, 10:10 pm::

Hmm.. Icky healthy food I have in my apartment or tasty unhealthy fast food from somewhere... ahhhhh decisions decisions! Actually the problem is that I'm too lazy to cook (read: heat) something and even lazier to actually drive out somewhere to get foood. I'll probably just sit and watch TV till it's time to go to bed...

Anyways, went to work today to setup a new software system. It's all done and hopefully we'll start using it soon. It's pretty cool to go to work on a weekend because everything just feels so different. It was very quiet and I got a lot of stuff done too. But then if I worked like this everyday, I'd get crazy from not having any human interaction. It's great to mingle with coworkers every weekday but once in a while, it's awesome to work without any distractions.

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