Tue, 29th Mar '05, 11:20 pm::

I got Giga from the animal hospital. He's got a bandage now and keeps trying to shake it off. The doctor gave him sedatives, stitched his toe, and gave him anti-biotics. Hopefully that should be good enough. Gonna go on Tuesday again to verify that everything is alright. Need to make 100% sure that both kitties are in perfect health before I give them to Linda during my India vacation.

Anyways, looks like minor annoyances keep popping up. My left eye is itching very badly again. All day it was itching slightly but now it's hurting like hell. I put in the eye drops and hopefully it'll be ok soon but little stuff like this just make me go nuts. Oh well...

Things are good otherwise. Same old life. Work, kitties, sleep etc. Can't complain, especially since the weather here is gorgeous.

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