Thu, 31st Mar '05, 8:40 pm::

The other side of the news:

As I was coming home, I made a slight detour into the street where Terri's Hospice is. On the way in, I read about 20 signs that had pro-life messages like "God please forgive the murderers" etc. Well no surprise there. That's what we've been seeing on the news all week. I passed the crowd and found out it was a dead-end street and had to turn around. On the way out, I was surprised to see, 15-20 signs that supported removing the feeding tube. Many of them had messages like "Bill Maher was right" and "Thank God she passed away gracefully..." Gee I wonder why I've never seen any of these people on any news coverage? They were standing just a few feet away from the pro-feeding-tube folks but like a bastard child got no attention. What are the networks like CNN/Fox/MSNBC/ABC etc. trying to prove?

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