Tue, 26th Apr '05, 7:45 am::

After much thought and contemplation, I finally designed my new diet + workout plan for the next 3 months. I need to lose a lot of chub and gain some muscle mass. My training chart includes a target and actual value for each of these: freehand workout in the morning, evening running time, miles to run, workout time, body weight, and calorie intake. Points for each day are calculated based on the difference between the target and actual values for each of these and added together. So if instead of 15 minutes of freehand exercise I did only 10, I could gain those points by running 5 minutes extra or running 0.5 mile extra. I can also work out more if I want or eat a little less. If I don't work out on some day, I can always cover up on a weekend too.

Basically, I designed this chart to give me enough flexibility to eat more or rest lazily on some days while not going overboard. If I don't feel like running outside because of the rain or heat, I can go to the gym for 10-15 more minutes and keep my points for the day. Being lazy is negative points and being active is positive points. Best though is zero points because that means I'm sticking to my schedule and not working out too little or too much. There's no point in running 20 minutes extra for one whole week and then giving up on the whole workout plan after a month due to exhaustion or loss of focus.

Once again, just like the marathon, I got something physical to achieve :) I'm kinda excited to see if I can actually meet the goal or not. It's a pretty tough goal weight + body-stat-wise but I think if I keep at it, I will gradually get there. My chart also allows me to relax on weekends but if I miss a weekday, I must cover up on the next Saturday or Sunday otherwise I get negative points. It's a very simple Excel sheet but I think as long as I follow it well, the reesults will show.

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