Tue, 3rd May '05, 9:55 pm::

I just got home from 4 hours of house hunting! I put an offer on a slightly older house which is extremely close to the beach. I will know by 5pm tomorrow if they accept it or want to negotiate further. If not, my agent will put an offer on another really nice house that is actually much better in condition but nowhere close to the beach. The prices of houses next to beaches go up much faster despite the condition they are in.

So basically my first choice is an ok-condition house near the beach and my second choice is a really nice house away from the beach. Either way, I think I'll be happy. The second house is in fact next to a very beautiful park/playground area with lots of courts for tennis/volleyball etc. I kinda like my second choice more than my first choice especially because it's beautiful, has a nicer lawn/backyard, and is in perfect condition but in the long run, the house near the beach will increase in value the most.

The only reason I'm ok with a house near the beach is because it is on high elevation and not in the flood zone. So hurricane's can't really flood the house. Anyways, I will know by 5pm tomorrow what the sellers have to say.

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