Wed, 4th May '05, 10:40 pm::

What an amazing evening. Went to Eric, my boss's house for dinner with him and his wife Amy. Also got to see his lil daughter Katie; she's definitely growing up fast! Had some really good pasta with vegetables and for dessert had fresh fruit salad. This whole eating healthy thing is working out pretty good for me. I lost 4lbs already in less than 10 days and I'm eating all the food I want! Oh and the best part of the night was that Eric and Amy absolutely LOVED the gifts my dad got for them from India!

I think I might have another equally good news: Last night I put an offer on one house near the beach (only TWO miles!) that I really liked and today the sellers came back with a counteroffer agreeing to pretty much everything I wanted, except they want $2,000 more than I offered. If this was a $10,000 house then $2,000 is a big difference but when the price of the house is $142,000, a mere $2,000 more isn't that bad. Of course, I haven't confirmed their offer yet and will take my time tomorrow to decide the specifics of the deal but it looks like I just might have a good house.

Another thing that needs to be done before the deal is finalized is a thorough house and termite inspection in addition to a home appraisal. I will have to pay some professionals to do all of that for me and hopefully it will work out well. At least my offer didn't get rejected instantly :) Let's see how this story develops...

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