Fri, 10th Jun '05, 9:25 pm::

I find it pretty funny when I see people that pretend to like certain things simply to impress others. I know people who don't really like hip-hop but listen to it because all the cool-kids are doing it. Same with punk, emo and God knows every other genre of music. Then there are people who pretend to love esoteric movies and read abstruse novellas by underrated authors. I happen to know a few people whose sole existence is defined by trying to impress others, be it fast cars, bigger houses, or leather pants.

I've personally been criticized of trying to impress others by using big words when diminutive* ones will suffice. In my defense, I'm pretty sure that everytime I use a word in my text that people need to consult a dictionary for, I use it because it fits the best. If you read the paragraph above, there really is no better synonym for "esoteric" in that context. And there really is no "other word" I can use in place of synonym. However, if I didn't like Mozart, I wouldn't listen to his music just to impress my coworkers. Sadly, a lot of people do that.

Better to do what you like and enjoy it than pretend to like what you think will impress others.

* - I was being sarcastic when I used the word 'diminutive' :) Oh and diminutive is a pretty cool word, especially it's usage in different languages.

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