Wed, 6th Jul '05, 7:25 am::

I'm going to Springerize my 'blog more often. So instead of saying that I went jetskiing and had a great time, I will say something like, "Often in life we get bogged down by chronic rituals we perform with little or no desire and it is during these times that breaking out of our boring schedule teaches us who we really are. Jetskiing is more than going fast on a petrol engine for it brings out my inner child by overcoming the fears and conquering what I am scared of most - stagnation in the middle of nowhere. While dangerous and sometimes deadly, jetskiing is an activity that can enrich one's life as long as one adheres to the rules of safety." See! So much more insightful :) Ha...

Well I guess sometimes I am this confusing, though more often than not, I am direct and to the point. I used to Rube Goldberg my real points while ranting in detail about everything but lately, I think I've been prompt and quite lucid in my explanations.

Oh and if you don't understand what any of the above meant or what it was in reference to, I was describing how it is possible for authors to write confusing material in order to somehow appear more insightful than they really are. Basically, I used to write pretty confusing 'blog entries thinking they provided some insight into my personality but I've long since learnt that simplicity is much harder to achieve and that is what I strive for now.

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