Thu, 20th Oct '05, 1:15 am::

Had a fun evening. After an awesome day at work (Ive been working on some really cool web-programming-stuff), I went to the St. Petes State Theater to see Veruca Salt with my friend Liz. Her boyfriend's out of town and I'd promised her that we'd do something fun. The music was pretty good and we shared a large cheese pizza. Liz was born and raised in the area so it's kinda funny that everywhere we went, she ran into people she knew from somewhere. And since she's so friendly, I get to meet all her friends. I miss that, running into people. I've moved so often to so many different places that I rarely run into anyone I know. I don't even know the last time I ran into someone.

Anyways, the big news now is Hurricane Wilma. Wilma's supposed to hit Florida within two days. I don't think I will have to evacuate but I'm gonna be prepared. It just sucks that we're gonna be hit by a hurricane so late in October! I thought the hurricane season was over for now. Guess not. If Wilma's gonna go on the LBAR (pink) path as predicted then I just might have to go and buy wood and board up my house - too many glass windows all around. I'm just hoping that it goes further south without causing any damage.

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