Sun, 15th Jan '06, 9:50 am::

Happy Brithday to my sister Roshni!!!

It's been years since I was with her for her birthday. We had midnight cake :)

Family & relatives have started coming in. Last night my cousin Nishant/Baboo came in around midnight. While waiting for an hour or so at the Howrah Train Station for his train (that was delayed for 9 hours), I got some time to talk to my dad's friend Jaytu uncle. He noticed how much of polar opposites my dad and I were, especially when it comes to fundamental choices and outlooks in life. It's comforting to know that people actually see in you the things that you prize in yourself.

This morning more folks flew in from Mumbai. My dad's elder brother, Paresh Uncle, his daughter Nikita & her hubby Mehul are here. So is my grandma's sister Pravina Masi.

Today our family is supposed to visit my sister's fiance's house and give all our gifts to her as part of the marriage - a ritual called Aanu. It's unlike dowry in the sense that the tons of gifts we give, are by our own choice, not demanded. These are the gifts that the girl's family wishes her to have in her new married life too. So it's boatloads of miscellaneous stuff from a brand-new Jaipan Food Processor and Mikasa Crystal Dish set to the Xing He Hong Yi Coffee Tea Set and Scotch Brite. I think we'll begin with bags and bags of clothes and then gradually offload the hundreds of little and big items. Lots of fun hauling ass today.

But for now, it's breakfast time - South Indian style. Idli, Vada, Sambhar, Coconut Chutney.... mmmmmm!

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