Sat, 21st Jan '06, 4:25 pm::

We just got back from the Mehendi Rasam. And now I have a kickass video to show what I've been up to. Here's a short clip of me dancing with Ridhhi, daughter of my dad's friend Jaytu Uncle: Chirag & Ridhhi - Song: Kajra Re. That was a little over one minute. The music and dancing went on for over four hours non-stop! Everyone danced - from my grandparents to maternal family to grandpa's sisters. To be frank, I can't really dance that well (as should be evident from the video); but I am no longer shy of dancing when the moment is right. For years and years I used to stand on the side under the false assumption that only people who dance well should dance. Only recently have I learnt that you don't need moves or skills to dance, just a big fat smile on your face and your hands up in the air. I'm not winning any dancing awards but I sure as hell had fun dancing with my aunts & uncles, grandparents, my parents, and of course, my little sister.

Actually, akin to most Hindi movies, the dancing at the Mehendi Rasam wasn't preplanned. Everyone spontaneously broke into synchronized choreography. The preplanned dance is tonight at Cloud 9 Nite Club :) And I need to get some rest before that.

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