Sun, 29th Jan '06, 3:50 pm::

My buddy back from college (now known as Akshay Kapoor) is gonna star in another Indian movie: Alag and looks like he's sportin' a bald new look. I know his first film didn't fare well but I'm hoping the best for him with this one. It does sound pretty different for an Indian movie - Sci-Fi story of a guy who has "spent the first 18 years of his life indoors in the dark because he possesses special powers and then steps into the real world. It's his journey of going out of his home and trying to adapt to society." It sounds like Blast from the Past meets Phenomenon - I just hope it turns out good and the public likes him. I remember him in college plays and he was pretty damn good. It's just that excellence in on-stage acting in Central New Jersey has no relation whatsoever to success among the billion-strong audience of Indians 10,000 miles away. Best of luck as always.

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