Sat, 4th Feb '06, 12:20 pm::

I know I should've been an English or Literature major. Here's my new drivelling away message for AIM: "Ah yes, the away message - that little blurb of text that lets people know I'm not a schmuck just sitting around on my computer but actually away, DOING something! It's my elementary broadcast to the world, telling them, "Look! I have a life! I have things to do and places to be." It's the definitive proof that I am already on my way to fulfill my life's inane destiny; each new away message validating my vacuous existence. A mere evanescent glimpse into the inexhaustible resource of trivial chores and routines that is me. The story of my life, one line at a time. I am the center - the alpha, the omega, and the infinite cosmos of monotonous zilch contained betwixt. And you my friend, are now among the enlightened few. Go forth and spread the seed of your new-found transcendental awareness."

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