Sun, 12th Feb '06, 5:10 pm::

Since it's too cold and gray to go outside and do any work, I'm spending the day in reading up on random things, from garden-care in FL to interesting spaghetti recipes. Also doing some website work and watching a little tv here and there. I think I can get by without doing laundry for another week or two. The house needs a little cleaning and I'll get on it sometime this week. Watched a really good movie, Hidalgo last night. Also watched Snatch again earlier. That movie has some snappy dialogs.

Yesterday I squeezed some fresh oranges from my backyard and wow, they're yummy. The grapefruits taste bitter though. As soon as it gets slightly warmer, I'm going to pick all the oranges and bottle/freeze their juice. I don't know how long it'll last but it's not costing me anything anyway. Either way, I have to pick all the fruits from the trees before they start falling on their own and attracting rodents and serpents. I'm still debating how I want to setup my backyard. I have so many ideas from rock-structure landscaping to wooden sheds and faux-wells to vegetable patches. I guess I'll just figure it out one step-at-a-time. For now though, I just need lots of topsoil and some good sunny weather instead of these freezing winds. At least it's not snowing here and I don't have to shovel like all the people up in New Jersey and the rest of the North-East :)

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