Sun, 26th Feb '06, 9:00 pm::

I had a pretty relaxed weekend. Yesterday it was beautiful outside and I spent pretty much the whole day in my yard. After waking up around noon, I went to Petsmart, Walmart, BestBuy, Publix, and Home Depot. I got so much stuff! Now I have an 8ft ladder (that I managed to somehow fit into my tiny car). Also got a lot of fresh veggie. And I finally picked all the orange fruits from my tree. I stopped counting after 100! Now I gotta squeeze the juice outta them all. Also the grapefruits are pretty sweet. In fact the grapefruits are so big that each one gives enough juice to fill a full cup.

As I was working outside, I met my neighbor Donald whose house is diagonally across my backyard. He's a pretty young guy, I'd say in low 30's, and has some awesome plans to fix up his house. His girlfriend Jennifer also joined our typical hello-neighbor banter. We actually ended up talking for over an hour and it seems like they're pretty chill, nice folks. Hopefully Don and I will help each other out with projects in each other's yards because it's always great to have a helping hand when you're building something. And both of us have some cool plans. I'm not sure what I'm gonna build yet but I got nifty ideas that won't be too expensive :) So let's see.

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