Mon, 6th Mar '06, 7:15 pm::

Last night I saw ColdPlay in concert with Lanie & Mike. It was absolutely the best concert I've ever seen... now if only I could have heard it too! Turns out the Ford Amphitheatre folks in Tampa were sued for noise violation by neighboring homeowners' associations and as a result, had to turn down the volume on all events. Worse yet, they turned off all the speakers in the external lawn area. My friends and I had tickets to the lawn, because it's much nicer to relax and chill there instead of sitting in plastic seats at a music concert. And the tickets were slightly cheaper too. But despite all our excitement, it's hard to rock when you can barely hear the music. Nevertheless, we stayed on to watched Fiona Apple & ColdPlay and enjoyed as much as we could. After that we drove to downtown St. Pete and chilled at a bar. Then I suggested the best 24/7 diner for some past-midnight breakfast - The St. Pete Diner on Route 19. The food was sooooo good that we pretty much forgot how much the concert sucked.

I know for fact that ColdPlay were good, especially Chris Martin - the lead singer. It just looked so awesome, but since there were no speakers, it pretty much sucked to be in the lawn - there were over 3,000 people in the lawn area! Oh well. Time for dinner.

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