Sun, 12th Mar '06, 4:00 pm::

Oh man soooo tired right now. Kayaking was FUN! First Mike took out a power rescue boat and we sailed into the middle of Tampa Bay at full throttle. Then we idled our way into a small salt-water creek and had lunch at Fish Tales. It's kinda fun going to a restaurant in a boat instead of a car. After lunch, Lanie and I got into solo kayaks and rowed our way back into the same creek and went as far inland as we could go. We even rowed along the Dali Museum. It was just so beautiful it's hard for me to put it into words. I need to do this more often. And it's so relaxing and easy too. And yes, it is very safe. I wore life-vests and the water was barely 5ft deep in most places. I can't wait to do more of this stuff again. What makes me sad is that Mike's leaving for Oregon in two weeks :( So we're gonna go kayaking/sailing etc. as much as we can in the next fortnight.

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