Tue, 15th Aug '06, 8:05 pm::

Just over a year ago, I bought an inflatable kayak to learn the basics of kayaking. It took a while but now I've completely grown out of inflatable toys. So today I bought myself an Ocean Scrambler XT Angler sit-on-top kayak. Also bought a Yakima roof rack for my little Scion xA. Of course, as soon as I bought all this, I had to take it out on a spin. Since Lake Seminole has been closed since January (as I just found out), I went to Boca Ciega Millenium Park. I was in the water for ten minutes and the clouds started rumbling in the distance. I've never paddled back to the shore faster :)

My kayak is actually one of the best kayaks I've ever tried. It's amazingly stable and can go quite fast with relative ease. Only one problem so far: Slippery when wet - it's very tough to lift on top of my car after kayaking. I guess with practice I'll get used to its 51lb frame. Otherwise, it's a kickass kayak with a huge water-tight hatch, comfortable seat, and lots of storage space. And the guys at Canoe Country said I can pretty much bring it in forever in case there are any problems. These things last for a long long time.

Now I'm gonna find new places to take my kayak for a spin. Unless it's raining outside, I don't think I'll ever be bored at home again.

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