Sat, 10th Feb '07, 4:45 pm::

Unfinished chores make me more uneasy than food stains on my shirt before some big meeting. Right now, I have broken kitchen tiles that need to be replaced, four website-related emails that need to be dealt with, two loads of laundry that have to be washed, and some minor chores around the house that I started but haven't finished yet. I guess I'll address each of these one at a time. I'd rather be kayaking.

The problem isn't that I hate doing chores or that I'm lazy. It's that during the entire time something is half-done, the uneasy feeling I have is very annoying. I want to do something fun but I have a nagging feeling at the back of my mind that before I can "play", I gotta finish up with the "work." Even though I have perfectly good reasons for not getting to all the chores just yet. I'm waiting for a friend to come check out the tiles, I need some more documents before I can get on with the website updates, and I'd rather do the cleaning and washing after the tile-situation is solved in case there's dust and flying monkeys around the house during repair-work.

So till that is done, I sit here feeling uncomfortable for no major reason whatsoever. I need a Long Island or two.

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