Fri, 6th Jul '07, 10:20 am::

I had five of my teeth removed yesterday, four wisdom and one adjacent to the lower-right wisdom tooth. If you still have your wisdom teeth, get them removed before they kill the teeth next to them. I left work around 1pm yesterday, got home, took some Advil, and waited for my friend Sandra to show up. She drove me to the oral surgeon's office and waited in the reception area during the entire two hours of the surgery. The surgery was completely painless and once the sedatives wore off, I was able to walk around myself without any problem. After the surgery, Sandra helped pick up my medication, bought me a milk-shake, dropped me home, helped me change my dressing (sooo sorry for spitting on your face!), and even put on a movie for me to watch. I wish she hadn't moved two hours away to Orlando. She's a true friend.

Now that the local anesthesia has worn off, the pain in my jaw has started to intensify. The pain is not unbearable and there's no swelling either. Looking at me, you won't even realize I had surgery yesterday. I've taken some painkillers and it's making my head spin like crazy. I'm going to rest now.

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