Sat, 25th Aug '07, 6:25 pm::

I woke up early this morning and drove to Tampa to take a tour at Big Cat Rescue (BCR). It is an animal shelter for abused big cats like lions, tigers, cougars, and leopards. I've taken a lot of tours but I have to say, this one is the most moving one. Selfish morons buy tiger pups on the black market because they look so adorable and exotic and once the pups grow larger, they imprison the animals or kill and sell their fur for luxury clothing. BCR rescues these animals whenever possible, though the larger part of their mission is to educate the others that buying exotic pets and items made from these endangered animals is cruel and inhumane. Our guide gave a very informative tour on how these cats live, hunt, and also every single animal's personal history, i.e. how they came to live at BCR. I was talking to the cute assistant-guide, Willow, and she mentioned the best time to watch them was at night because cats are nocturnal.

BCR is organizing a night tour this upcoming Friday so I'm considering going there again. I took a few photos but I doubt my camera can take any good pictures at night. I'm mainly going to observe and learn. After I got back from BCR, I called up my windsurfing guys because they're finally back in town! So I went sailing for three whole hours. I've kayaked with dolphins before but today, when a pod of five dolphins started jumping and splashing around me, the experience was completely different because I could actually chase them fast! So for the next few hours I went upwind and downwind, practicing my sailing skills while chasing after dolphins.

I got home around 5pm and just relaxing now. I am kinda hungry... I feel like veggie sushi.

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