Mon, 21st Jan '08, 8:25 pm::

I often get emails from people from all over the world that go something like, "Hi Chirag! What do you eat that makes you look so hot and gorgeous? Can you please tell me how to be as awesome as you?" Ok, so I don't get emails like that often or rather ever. However, I did cook myself a nice dinner tonight. I steamed carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and peppers. Meanwhile I sauteed onions to a crisp golden color with some spicy Tandoori Masala and a generous amount of garlic. Then added okra, tomatoes, and finally two whole cans of chickpeas. After a few minutes I added the steamed veggies to this mix and within five minutes, dinner was served.

I ate two-thirds and put the rest in the fridge for tomorrow. Oh yeah, it was yummy. No, you can't have it. Not yours!

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