My first accidentSun, 2nd Dec '01, 7:00 pm::

Today I was involed in a minor car accident @ about 2:35 pm. Don't worry, I'm alright and nobody got even a scratch. Just a little damage to the two cars involved. Well I was in my uncle's Toyota, waiting at a stop sign and in front of me was some lady driving a big van. She moves her car forward and then all of a sudden hits her breaks! Well, naturally I hit her. How the hell did I know that she would for-no-apparent-reason hit the breaks in the middle of the road! Our car got about $200 damage and her's will probably run into $1000! Well not a nice thing. My insurance is going to skyrocket!

Well then a cop came along and he said that he has seen over 500 minor accidents on the SAME EXACT spot in the past 23 yrs! The first thing that came to my mind was "then how come you guys don't do something about it huh?" Well I didn't say anything, except explain the whole scenario to him. He said there are only two ways in which accidents happen @ that point: First, if the driver does not stop or if the front car suddenly breaks. Since I had stopped and it was the front car which breaked, he told it was the lady's fault to begin with. But since I was in the back, it was my responsibility to maintain safe distance from her car and so both of us were found at fault. As a result, he didn't give me a ticket and hopefully no points. But now the insurance hike is gonna kill me :(

I'm in a really really bad mood right now, so don't mess with me, annoy me, tease me, or do anything to make me try to injure, impair, decapitate, or exterminate you. Smile and have a nice day!

You know the funniest thing about the whole thing? The lady looked just like Anne Robinson from NBC's The Weakest Link. I was just sooo scared when I saw her. But she turned out to be a nice lady. So all's well. I did not get a ticket, she is not filing a complaint against me, or anything.

On a slightly normal note, I was supposed to goto my friend Kath's music concert but cuz of the stupid accident, I could not :(

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