Thu, 31st Jan '02, 1:45 pm::

Ok! It's time to waste all my available time on - don't click here unless you want to be addicted. Haha.

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Thu, 31st Jan '02, 1:40 pm::

What is really weird, is that somehow everybody I pass today is acting all nice to me. It's going so good it's freaking me out. This cute girl in the college bus kept smiling at me and started a chat w/ me about how cold the weather has become suddenly. I was sittin on the stairs outside a class and a guy comes and tells me that if I want, he can open the lounge upstairs so that I can relax comfortably on a sofa. I mean what is all this! All of a sudden people become nice? Gimme back the mean old mad humans who didn't care about anyone! I feel like I'm living in Barbieland or something. Haha! Just kidding. Things are good. I am nice to people and I like it when people are nice to me. Works out for me :) It's just that when you have days which go really good and everyone is nice... then you get used it it and when things get normal and people get mean again... it gets frustrating. Hehe.

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Thu, 31st Jan '02, 1:35 pm::

Can you believe it took me 25 minutes to write all the stuff above? Damn I'm a slow typer. Haha...

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Signing over my soul to Big BanksThu, 31st Jan '02, 1:10 pm::

Right now I'm in the Douglas Library on campus. I forgot that my class starts at 2:50 pm on Thursdays and NOT at 1:10 pm! So I've got a lot of time to just chill out and do nothing :)

Anyways what a weird day (in a good way) this has been so far. I woke up in the morning thinking this will be yet another gloomy boring day but turns out things have turned out quite the opposite. I went to Walmart and I found this great workout bench at a much much lower price than I expected. The guy working there was pretty nice and showed me 10 different benches before I picked the one that would suit me. He ordered it for me and said I should be getting it within a week :) Yay!

Then I went to the First Union Bank near our store to open an account with them. I've been there many times and like the service they provide so I thought it'd be great if I can get things like online-banking, credit-card-payments-online, atm service, direct deposit etc., for a fee of like $10-$15 per month. Guess what? The girl there told me that since I am a college student... I can get ALL of the above... for... $0 !!! Yup! It's all free. There is no minimum balance, there are no monthly or yearly fees, there are no transaction fees, no charge for anything! I asked her specifically... umm... what exactly do you guys make for giving me all these free services? She said: Nothing. We just hope that when you start working, you will extend your account and get a full checking/savings account with us. I think that's only fair.

She instantly added me to the bank-database and I deposited $50 :) Now within 3-4 days I'll be getting my debit card (which I can use like a normal credit card) and so finally I can buy all the cool stuff online! Yay!!! There are sooooo many things I need to buy... Ah... The list is endless :) The cool thing is that this is a debit card and not a credit card. So I don't have to pay up stuff at the end of the month and blah blah paperwork stuff. If there's money in my bank account, I can use each and every cent to buy stuff online and if I don't, then the transaction won't take place. So I don't even have to worry about someone finding my card no. and using it to buy a $350,000 Aston Martin with it, since well... my account won't have $350,000 in it (atleast not in the immediate future... hehe).

Anyways after I got out of the bank feeling really great, I went to buy some computer parts (D-link Router, 256MB RAM etc.) since someone I know needs it. Guess what? The guy gave me 10% discount on everything! Whoa! This day is going great! Haha... Then I went back to our store, got on the bus and came to college, thinking I have a 1:10 class.. but turns out my class is at 2:50! Doh!

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Thu, 31st Jan '02, 7:55 am::

It's such a gloomy day outside... makes me feel like crawling back into the bed and sleeping all day... Ahhhh. I wish... I didn't work out today since I'm leaving early. I'll go to Walmart and buy myself a good workout bench. Let's hope they are in-stock unlike K-Mart. Ok, bubye... shower time!

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Wed, 30th Jan '02, 9:45 pm::

I am soooooo tired I don't even have the energy to whine about it. Do you have ANY idea what 5 non-stop hours of math is like? 3 continuous junior/senior level college courses all of which discuss pretty much the same mind-numbing things????? Ahhhh. I don't even wanna talk about studies. Let's talk about ppl!

I have this new friend, Mary, who is in my both honors classes. She's been a paralegal for many years, works for this law firm, and is studying for her law school degree (or something along those lines) as a part-time student in University College - Rutgers. Today she gave me a free Rutgers t-shirt and also dropped me off @ The State Theater of New Jersey since my aunt picks me up from there. Cool huh?

This morning I went to the student services office for some paperwork and behind me this dear old lady was slowly walking on crutches (or was it a walking stick?... i can't remember). So I held the door open for her so that she can walk into the building easily and she gave me a real good smile and said, "Thank you, young man." Now I went in the building and she was standing in the line next to me and we started talking about stuff. I thought she had a child in college, but turns out she wanted to join college and study business. That's impressive. I asked her why do you want to start studying at such an old age (I was not offensive... I asked really politely) and she said... "I'm just trying to fulfill my grandma's wish. She wanted me to go to college." And I said... "So am I..."

Ahhhh... I was shaking for over ten minutes after that... just made me feel all homesick...

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Tue, 29th Jan '02, 11:20 pm::

Research Methodology homework done! Phew. 2 more to go (Linear Algebra & Discrete Structures).

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Tue, 29th Jan '02, 8:05 pm::

I'm sooo full now. My aunt makes such good food that I end up eating a bit too much. Hehehe...

Today was a pretty good day @ college. First I met my international adviser regarding some work-related issues and then I went to see my friend Astrid @ Cook Campus Center since she works at The Coffee Cove. By god she's soooo nice and sooooo much fun to talk to. Too bad I don't drink coffee anymore... I'm sure I could've got a large cup for the price of a medium! Haha...

Now most of you don't know this, but I used to drink coffee back when I was in India, but only when I took a nap in the afternoon and my mom made coffee for me when I woke up so that I'd be fresh by the time my dad came home. You see my dad didn't like the fact that I'd be home doing nothing and just sleeping. Hehehehe. So if I ever slept, then after having some of my mom's coffee... I'd be all awake and act as if I was doing some important work all day. Haha. Ok Daddy! You caught me now. LOL.

After my classes I got the car from our store and went shopping. I wanted to buy a good workout bench and had seen one for a good price in a K-Mart catalogue... but the one I wanted was sold out :( Anyways, I think tomorrow I'll get this Body By Jake EX-155 Standard Weight Bench from the nearby Modells store. Looks pretty neat to me! Here is a bigger pic of the same.

Ok, time to go and study now! Cya...

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Mon, 28th Jan '02, 8:05 pm::

My friend Vicky get me more newspapers!!! She's sooo nice :) This time, from Cayman Islands. It's like a baby archipelago, just a few small islands; in fact sooo small that the first 2002 baby was born on January 2! I'm asking all my friends to get my newspapers from every country they go to. If you ever visit any country, remember to bring me a newspaper! Ok? Hehehe...

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Mon, 28th Jan '02, 7:55 pm::

Guess what? My bro Sagar got his Taekwondo Black Belt today! This means I can now tell everyone that I am sooo strong that I can beat up a black-belt! Haha... j/k... He's pretty strong for his age... None of the kids his age can even touch him during a fight :)

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Mon, 28th Jan '02, 8:05 am::

3 shots of nyquil in the night and 20 minutes of fast running on the treadmill in the morning, does something weird to your head. Ahhhh. My head is spinning... I need a shower...

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Sun, 27th Jan '02, 8:35 pm::

I just got 5 cd's that my sis sent me from India. Woohoo! Some of the best songs, videos, graphics are in them! I didn't get much time to check out everything in detail, but so far the neatest thing is Govinda's appearance in 'Lift Karade.' I didn't know that he guest-starred in it! And tomorrow, once I feel fresh and good, we'll all see my dad's film/documentary/directorial-masterpiece/magnum-opus together. Thereafter I'll give my expert advice and criticism on it too. Hehehe...

Now only if I knew why "Salma Pe Dil Aa Gaya" song was in there too...

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Sun, 27th Jan '02, 2:30 pm::

If you are reading this on 27th January 2002, then you are ignoring the Internet-Free Day. Haha...

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Sat, 26th Jan '02, 10:40 pm::

Today was a pretty normal day. A little house-cleaning, a little eating, and a whole lotta web-designing. LOL. The new site I'm designing is still very much under construction and not suitable for demo yet. Maybe 2-3 days more...

My aunt made pizza @ home and twas pretty neat, but somehow these days I just can't eat a lot... 2 slices and I was out! Weird...

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Fri, 25th Jan '02, 9:35 pm::

Quote for the day: "A user interface is well designed when the program behaves exactly how the user thought it would..." - Joek Spolsky, author of User Interface Design for Programmers.

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Fri, 25th Jan '02, 9:00 pm::

Woohoo! I just bought a really inspiration computer book from the local Barnes & Nobel bookstore. I know inspirational and computer both should not be used in the same sentence, but this book : User Interface Design for Programmers : is really really interesting to me. It discusses and teaches things that help programmers make simpler and easier to use programs. Just think about it... how many times did you just sit frustrated in front of your pc wondering how the hell does some xyz program work? Now only if the developers of that program had read this book... :) The author: Joel Spolsky also writes a 'blog regularly, called Joel On Software - be forewarned... this link rates 11 out of 10 on the techie scale.

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Thu, 24th Jan '02, 10:45 pm::

My professor for the Exploration in Media Sciences class, Prof. Robert Kubey, is one cool guy. His research paper is on the front page of Scientific American, a very respected scientifc journal. Check out the article. It's interesting.

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Thu, 24th Jan '02, 9:35 pm::

Just got home. Yet another 13 hours of college. Wednesdays and Thursdays are killers. I just came back from one of the most interesting courses I've ever taken: Exploration in Media Sciences - This course teaches what goes on behind closed doors... rather behind the camera while the advertizements are in the front. If I wasn't this tired, I would definitely say a lot about it, since it was really interesting.

So I'm taking two honors classes (Wed & Thu : 6-9 pm) and I'm the youngest student in both :) It's soooo weird, since the average age in both the classes is around 35!!! I feel like a child in front of all these adults (all of whom have jobs and most have kids elder than me!). But it's nice and refreshing to actually meet intelligent matured people.

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Thu, 24th Jan '02, 5:45 pm::

I submitted over 4-5 links to and if I'm lucky, they'll be accepted. Hehe. Let's see...

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Thu, 24th Jan '02, 4:40 pm::

I'm in the RU Computer Labs right now, doing next to nothing. I could not get into the Economics class so now I have only 17 credits and two hours free-time on Thursdays :( Oh well...

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Thu, 24th Jan '02, 9:50 am::

Just reached my office. Ahhhh. It's drizzling outside, very foggy, and the snow's all melting - not a good weather to be out. I've got about four and half hours of time to work. Let's see how much I complete...

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Thu, 24th Jan '02, 1:05 am::

I'm still awake and working on a new site. Will put it online for demo soon. Anyways about 2-3 months ago I met a former professional body-builder online. He's a 65 year old guy - Logan Franklin, who runs this site: Gray Iron I just got an email from him showing me this neat article on his site: Myth-Busting: Body-Fat vs. Six-Pack Abs. If you are working out, trying to lose weight, or just trying to stay healthy... then you most definitely should check it out...

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Wed, 23rd Jan '02, 10:25 pm::

Wanna see something spiffy? Goto and search for 'softwares' (NOT 'software', but plural 'softwares'). You'll be surprised to see what is there on the top third position. Click here to see what I'm talking about.

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Wed, 23rd Jan '02, 9:45 pm::

Ahhhhh. Back home finally. God I'm soooo tired. I left our house @ 8:30 am and came back home @ 9:30 pm!!! That's 13 hours of college! And this is exactly how my Wednesdays and Thursdays will be like. Ahhhhh. What fun it is! I am soooo tired and I have soooo many things to do.

My work project on campus is going pretty good. The system is up and running and surprisingly crash-proof so far. I couldn't get into the economics class today and I really doubt that I will be able to.

The interesting news for the day is that today I discovered that I'm a victim of mathematicization: I have THREE higher-level math classes almost everyday right one after another! I took this Computer class called 'Discrete Structures' and two math classes 'Calculus 3 - Multivariable Calc' and 'Linear Algebra'. Turns out, Discrete Structures is also a math class although regarded as computer. Damn!!!!! I have 3 math classes and 2 honors classes! What a messed up schedule! No interesting classes, no fun, no nothing :( On top of that, each math class has weekly quizzes + tests + homework + 3-4 exams. Urghhhhhhhh. If I don't respond to your emails, stop writing this 'blog or disappear completely off the face of this Earth without trace, then you know what to blame!

Anyways, I should start doing all the homework I got and I still have a couple of projects to complete by this weekend. Ahhhhhhhhhh. 4 hours of sleep... Not enuf not enuf...

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Tue, 22nd Jan '02, 7:55 pm::

Ok! 'Blog time :) Today was my first day back at the new semester and the first thing I did was go and meet my friends on Cook campus - Kathleen, Astrid & Vicky! It's been a loooong time since I saw you all! *hugs* (hope your shower is fixed by now. hehehe!)

After that I went to my office to work for about an hour and then went for my computer class, but it was cancelled. So I went to sell my books from last term. Imagine this... the books that cost me over $200 last term, sold for ONLY $44 !!! God this is SOOOO expensive. Who said knowledge was cheap! After being disgusted by the book-rip-off-episode, I went to chill out in the computer lab for 2 hours and @ 4:20 went to economics class. Now I haven't been able to register for this economics class since it's already full. I'm trying to get in, but since it is a class that most 4th year students take (as it's very important for graduating) there is a high chance that I'll be denied entry into the course. The teacher was pretty neat though and it would be very interesting to study under her. Love her Ukrainian-Russian-type accent O:-)

And now I'm back home! Dinner was good. Will get started on a new website project now. I'll post details of that later in here :)

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Tue, 22nd Jan '02, 7:50 pm::

Newsflash: The American Center in Calcutta, my home town, was attacked by terrorists - four unknown gunmen on motorcycles open fired at the security guards, killing 5 of them. Later Dubai-based Mafia and J&K terrorist group Harkat-ul-Jihad Islami claimed responsiblity for the attack and threatened more such attacks in New Delhi and Gujarat. God! This is sick!

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Mon, 21st Jan '02, 11:00 pm::

Woke up today. Went to work. Came back home. Dull day. College tomorrow. Yay!

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Sun, 20th Jan '02, 11:50 am::

Phew. Done. Enuf shovelling for today. One thing is certain - everyone in the neighborhood just loves me! I mean, I get out of my garage and ppl start showering me with snow balls! I'm sure they were just expressing their love for me... hahaha... Well since I am a very loving person myself, I showed them my love too and within 10 minutes, everyone except me was covered in snow. God I'm good @ this stuff.... u know... revenger :) Muhahahaha...

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Sun, 20th Jan '02, 10:00 am::

Snow: Good. Shovel : Bad... I've got to go out and shovel the driveway... ahhhhhhh the pain...

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Sat, 19th Jan '02, 2:25 pm::

Check out all the chics who won @ the Femina Miss India 2002 contest. Mmmm... Sacrilicious...

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Sat, 19th Jan '02, 2:20 pm::

Woohooooooooo ! It's snowing !!! Also I just got a nice haircut! Also today was the first time I ever drove on snow!!! :)

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Fri, 18th Jan '02, 10:30 pm::

Someone made a pretty neat website that tells how many people with the same last name are all over the US. This page shows the total population density of 'Mehta' in US. It's pretty neat. There's one Mehta among every 1000 people in New Jersey. You won't believe what the chart for the Patels is.

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Fri, 18th Jan '02, 10:10 pm::

Take this Insanity Test. It's pretty funny.

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Fri, 18th Jan '02, 10:00 pm::

I just saw this new game show on ABC called The Chair, hosted by the famous tennis legend John McEnroe. John McEnroe was widely known for his lack of control and temper and this show is exactly the opposite of it! You win the game if you answer 7 questions correctly while keeping your heart rate down.

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Fri, 18th Jan '02, 8:05 pm::

Once again I worked 8 hours straight today! Phew. I'm tired.

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Thu, 17th Jan '02, 8:05 pm::

I'm really tired and feel very sick :( The cold is getting worse and I think I'll get cough soon... Urghhhhh... Nothing more for tonight.

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Thu, 17th Jan '02, 2:00 am::

Quote for the day: "The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it." - Peter St. George, chairman & CEO : ZeoSync

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Thu, 17th Jan '02, 12:20 am::

Projects like these make me proud to be an Indian: Bellandur village e-Governance project. This is the story of a small village in India, which after installing just one simple PC and some free software from Compusol Software India, has solved hundreds of problems of the local public, from issuing birth certificates, to preparing tax sheets and water bills. For this project, Compusol received recognition by United Nations. The software's not that big or complicated or costly. It's the thought and effort that counts. And trust me... someday Chime Softwares will do something like this... someday...

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Wed, 16th Jan '02, 10:55 pm::

Weird Quote for the day: "The Olympics people called. They heard my nose was running!"

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Wed, 16th Jan '02, 10:00 pm::

Today my uncle (nana masa) was in NJ for dinner! It was pretty neat. Actually I was @ our store when he suddenly dropped in... he was on a business trip and drove off-route 3 hours just to meet us all..... that's just soooo thoughtful and loving of him! And just like me, he does not feel cold too! Hehehe.

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Wed, 16th Jan '02, 9:55 pm::

Whoa! Guess what's been happening @ my university? FBI investigating Rutgers University in relation to the mailing of the anthrax letters a couple of months ago. Seems after the fake anthrax-scares of Oct-Nov in Rutgers, FBI is now thinking that maybe someone used Rutgers photocopiers to copy the letters that were sent along with the anthrax bacteria in the mail! Scary stuff!!!!

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Wed, 16th Jan '02, 9:50 pm::

Ahhhh. Today was another long tiring day... but it was all fun and good. I work right under the Dean and she's a great person, and so is her secretary who keeps pampering me with free food stuff! I mean things are sooo great that I just can't believe it... I love what I'm doing... I like the people I'm working with... and the pay is do-able for a college student (although I'm grossly underpaid considering the complexity of the stuff I'm into...)

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Wed, 16th Jan '02, 8:20 am::

Last night I went to bed @ 9:30 pm!!! But that's cuz I think I'm on the brink of falling down due to a bad cold. My nose keeps running all day and I can't sleep for more than 2 hours @ night without being disrupted by a sore throat. Urgggggghhhhhh. I'll take some medicine tonight (3 cheers for Nyquil and it's welcomed side-effects) and let's hope I get better. I'm not sick or anything; just have a bad headache and icky feeling all over cuz of the cold. Thank god no coughing yet.

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Tue, 15th Jan '02, 9:00 pm::

I'm sooooo tired! I had a pretty good day today. I did two neat things today: my job on campus and fix up of our Toyota '99. Well I'll take a couple of days more to settle down at my workplace but the nice thing is, the people there are great! So all's well on that front (except that some part of the work is a bit too hard for me... and it'll take a lot of effort to get the job done in time... ahhh).

Now the more interesting part is that our Toyota Corolla '99's left headlight, left stop & tail light and left side marker light blew out. My aunt bought the spares and without telling anyone, I installed everything all by myself! I was supposed to help my uncle put in the parts after he came home later at night, but I was just too eager to try it all out myself. So I followed the instructions in the owner's manual and did it all by myself. Hehe. I feel proud of myself. LOL. Even if someday I hack into, I wouldn't think I'm smart or anything... (and don't worry, I don't do stupid things like that). But I know nothing about cars and just that fact that I did some small fix-ups in it... makes me feel all smart right now... hehehe...

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Mon, 14th Jan '02, 6:20 pm::

Believe it or not, but this kid lived without TV for a whole year!!! His dad made a $5000 that he couldn't live without TV for a year and the little kid did it! HERO!

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Mon, 14th Jan '02, 5:00 pm::

Long ago I came across a small browser that could: Opera. Today after years of ignoring it, I checked out the new version and trust me it's beautiful as ever! If for some reason your Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers are giving some stupid unfixable problems, get Opera - it's free anyway!

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Mon, 14th Jan '02, 2:55 pm::

Tomorrow I finally start working on campus! Phew. It's about time. All the paperwork is ready from the college's side, they arranged for a new admin-level username/password for me etc. From now on I am not supposed to talk about my work since I signed this 'letter of confidentiality' and stuff. However, this does not take away my right to complain everyday about my job. Hehe. But I don't think I'll have to. Everyone seems pretty nice @ the place.

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Mon, 14th Jan '02, 9:05 am::

I love days like these. It's early morning, I just woke up, and I came across the story of this dumbass who went to a fancy dress party and was beaten up badly! He was dressed as, guess what... Bin Laden! Here is the whole story.

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Mon, 14th Jan '02, 2:10 am::

I know I should be sleeping right now but I just can't. Sleep is an alien force. LOL. Anyway I bet you never checked out this really neat site: Guinness World Records. Of course everyone knows bout the Guiness World Records, but how many have seen the site? Until now... not me...

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Sun, 13th Jan '02, 11:50 pm::

Today was yet another fun day. My buddy Sunny, his sis Sonu, and their parents came to our house for the whole evening. Dinner was great! Mexcian food... :) All in all, a nice family-friends type evening with lots of stories to share.

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Sun, 13th Jan '02, 1:35 pm::

This has got to be the cutest first person shooter game in the world: Cutie Quake.

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Sat, 12th Jan '02, 10:15 pm::

This is the weirdest thing I've seen in weeks: Baby with monkey-like tail, born in India. It does not need any more explanation!

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Sat, 12th Jan '02, 5:15 pm::

Contrary to my yesterday's claims about having fixed my router problems, I find that my internet connection still disconnects after some random time, but now it's better... like 40 mins - 1 hour. I'm still fixing this and unless it's done, I won't sleep! Haha.

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Sat, 12th Jan '02, 4:05 pm::

I attend a six-hour Defensive Driving Course, a $75 course offered at no-charge to me by my buddy John @ Safety First Driving School. If you are in New Jersey and have atleast 2 points on your DMV record or you think your insurance is too high, you should most definitely take this course. I don't have any points, but my insurance is pretty high and taking this classroom course will hopefully reduce my annual insurance by upto $100 for three years! That's a hell lot of saving considering it took 6 hours of just sitting in a room, watching instruction videos, eating free pizza w/ coke, along with 7 other people (and next to this cute girl who also goes to Rutgers... hehe...).

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Fri, 11th Jan '02, 9:10 pm::

Just found this quote from Osama's Last Video:

Quote for the day: "It's God's responsibility to forgive Bin Laden... It's OUR responsibility to arrange the meeting..." - US Marine Corps.

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Fri, 11th Jan '02, 9:05 pm::

My bro Sagar found two really hilarious Osama Bin Laden animations from Check both of them out:
---- Osama's Last Video
---- Osama's Sissyfight (beat the hell outta Osama!)

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Fri, 11th Jan '02, 9:00 pm::

My sweet friend from college, Steph has finally completed her site and put it on Chime.Tv servers :) She's a really good artist and if you remember, she drew me for my X-mas gift. Check out her site for some great artwork.

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Fri, 11th Jan '02, 8:55 pm::

I think I've fixed my network. 2 hours and my internet hasn't dropped. Woohoo ! Normally I get disconnected within 10 minutes or so. *crossing my fingers*

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Fri, 11th Jan '02, 6:45 pm::

As a numer of you already know, my internet connection has been acting really strange lately. I think I found the culprit: my Dlink DI-804 Router. Oddly enough, the company doesn't even sell this product anymore, meaning, they found out that it was a piece of worthless poopoo. Anyways, I've spent the last 2 hours upgrading/downgrading/configuring it and now *hopefully* my internet connections will be smoother and no more icq, aim, yahoo, or msn disconnections :)

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Thu, 10th Jan '02, 11:55 pm::

Today was a blank day. Almost nothing happened in particular. Just one of those days when everything is going smoothly, normal, and nice.

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Wed, 9th Jan '02, 5:15 pm::

I spent pretty much the whole day working on my buddy Sunny's site: Sunny Yasheel. It's still under construction though. Anyway check it out and tell me what you think.

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Wed, 9th Jan '02, 10:05 am::

UK Researchers spent hundreds of thousands of pounds to tell us something we always knew by common sense: Money, LOTS of money, REALLY can bring happiness. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not wholly shallow or superfluous, but come on, I could really use a million dollars @ this moment. Right? And I bet it'll make me happy. On a sidenote, they admit money cannot buy you love, marriage, or health.

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Tue, 8th Jan '02, 9:50 pm::

I just discovered that I'm a PB : Pravasi Bharatiya or in other words, an NRI : Non-Resident Indian since I've been out of India for more than 6 months. Hehe. Call me PB! Soon I'll go back home... ahhhh... May.. June.. alas too far away...

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Tue, 8th Jan '02, 8:55 pm::

Well here's yet another domain name that is also 67 characters long:

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Tue, 8th Jan '02, 6:35 pm::

Here is the longest word in the Oxford English dictionary on it's own site

And here is the longest url (website address) - 67 characters long:

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Tue, 8th Jan '02, 6:10 pm::

I think I'll cut down my song downloads by half! I don't need to download 'em anymore :) Yay! Me happy.

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Tue, 8th Jan '02, 2:40 pm::

Just finished with my radio software. I still have to add/organize more stations though. Here's what it looks like:

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Tue, 8th Jan '02, 11:45 am::

No work today :( I'll be all day @ home making websites and stuff.

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Mon, 7th Jan '02, 11:25 pm::

I miss my family! I miss them soooo much you won't believe it. Why? Read it urself! This is what my sister told me while chatting with me today:

"Mummy says u have to come here before her birthday. I say u have to come here after my exams. Daddy says u have to come here whenever u want but he will decide when u have to go back..."

God I miss them...

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Mon, 7th Jan '02, 6:00 pm::

I'm on the payroll now! Work starts soon. My position is: "Department of Student Services Residence Life Database Manager." God the longer the title the less important the job and vice versa! Hahaha... E.g. : CEO - BIG $.... DSSRLDM - small.

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Mon, 7th Jan '02, 1:45 pm::

WOOOHOOOOO! I got my USB Radio!!! Thanks Derek :) And it works just sooooo good. Yay! I'm happy. Now I go to Busch campus for my on-campus job. Hope I get on payroll soon.

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Mon, 7th Jan '02, 12:10 pm::

Yay! It snowed today! (Kinda... just flurry mostly...) But still... ! YAY!

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Sun, 6th Jan '02, 3:45 pm::

Just downloaded: "Outside - Stain'd." Nice song.

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Sun, 6th Jan '02, 2:55 pm::

I was @ our store again along with my cuzins Sneh & Sagar from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm. Business wasn't too good :( But I saw 12 Monkeys and had free popcorn :) So all's good. Just chillin' out @ home today. Wonder if it'll snow...

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Sun, 6th Jan '02, 1:20 am::

Today (actually yesterday considering it's past midnight) I spent a few hours at our store and saw a pretty neat movie there: The Philadelphia Experiment. It's an old movie about time-travel and electro-magnetic radiation generators, released in 1984, but still pretty neat.

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Sat, 5th Jan '02, 6:00 pm::

Oh my god! This coolest dude thing has gone out of hand! I LOVE ALL YOU FELLOW FARKERS for voting me to the top!!! Seriously. Especially this devishly cute Farkette I met online: Vicious Darling! Now only if she lived in New Jersey! **evil grin**

Cutie for the day:Comic for the day:

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Sat, 5th Jan '02, 11:10 am::

And you know what's even better than hacking my way to the top of the Calcutta's Coolest Dude list? Having the Fellowship of my Fellow Farkers :) Yup! I got one more link posted on Fark! Today is a beautiful day.

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Sat, 5th Jan '02, 10:15 am::

Ok so you prolly read about my bad grades yesterday. Now this makes me feel mad/sad/bad. But I don't become mean or angry to vent out my fury. I just do something to make myself feel a little good. Call me superfluous or shallow, but at a time like this... I just need something to make me feel good. So what did I do last night? Well I voted myself to the title of Calcutta's Coolest Dude!!!

Actually I've always wondered if I could make a software that can influence online-polls and voting-booths; turns out I can! Haha. I'm @ about 20% right now and it's going up! The average is about 0.0001%. Muhahahahahaha. I feel evil!

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Fri, 4th Jan '02, 7:30 pm::

I have some bad news. I was afraid that I had done bad in my Statistics class and turns out my suspicions were true. I got my grades today and I got A's in all my other subjects (Calculus, Economics, Music, and Meteorology) and got a damn B in Statistics! Don't feel like saying anything else today. Sorry.

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Thu, 3rd Jan '02, 11:45 pm::

Hey I just found this map of Calcutta, my home city! My flat/apartment is somewhere between D7 and D8 in the lower left part of the map.

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Thu, 3rd Jan '02, 4:40 pm::

Disappointing news. No snow till January 12. Only a 40% chance on Monday January 7 :(

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Thu, 3rd Jan '02, 2:15 pm::

Oh my god!!!! I DO NOT BELIEVE THIS! It's IMPOSSIBLE! At 11:40 am I post that I want this USB Radio and at 2:15 my wish is granted! My friend Derek Prospero just purchased the item online for me!!!!!! And he is not even asking for cash! I mean... God! I love my friends.

Actually he's really happy @ me since one of my freeware programs helped him save a lot of money (since he did not have to spend anything on purchasing commercially available alternatives). What can I say! Life is GREAT! I'm just waiting for it now...

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Thu, 3rd Jan '02, 11:40 am::

Now a lot of you know that I have a Pinnacle PcTv hardware chip using which I see cable-tv on my PC almost everyday. It's working great but now I'm getting greedy and want something more! I want this USB Radio! It's just like a real radio that I can control through my PC. It can record live radio in MP3 format, store upto 200 preset channels and keep recording live radio even when I'm away. It costs only $16 but I need a damn credit card to order it :( Anyone nice enuf to order it for me?

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Thu, 3rd Jan '02, 11:00 am::

It's no fun working out in the winter! I was in the basement working out for over an hour and I still feel all lazy and unfresh. Of course, I'm tired as hell but that refreshing feeling of adrenalin rush is missing. Don't get me wrong; I love winter more than summer. But it doesn't feel as good when you work out in freezing condition.

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Thu, 3rd Jan '02, 12:05 am::

Just found this site: Movie - Quotes and oh my god... it's soooo cool! I found some of my favorite movie/tv-show quotes in there and then some I had forgotten long ago but was glad to be reminded of. Check it out. My fav. quote is:

Quote for the day: "Sell crazy somewhere else. We're all stocked up here." - Melvin, played by Jack Nicholson in As Good As It Gets.

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Wed, 2nd Jan '02, 5:25 pm::

Ah. I talked to Vicky today and turns out it wasn't her. But I soooo thought she was. Damn. :(

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Wed, 2nd Jan '02, 5:20 pm::

Wed, 2nd Jan '02, 12:35 pm::

Woohoo! says ice and snow on Sunday!!!.

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Wed, 2nd Jan '02, 12:25 pm::

I'm working on a nice new site for my friend Sunny. So far only the opening screen is done but check it out anyway and tell me what you think: Sunny Yasheel.

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Wed, 2nd Jan '02, 12:05 pm::

Oh my god! This is sooo sad. I just downloaded a pretty stupid song because... err... well... I can't get it out of my head! The song is... "Can't get you outta my head - Kylie Minogue" Haha. Ironic! Isn't it ?

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Wed, 2nd Jan '02, 11:45 am::

Ahhhh... The lessons life teaches you. Here's a chat excerpt from a couple of nights back:

    Girl: you need to have awkward pauses, you cant talk that much
    Girl: you cant divulge that much info at first
    Boy: Awkward pauses are GOOD ???????????
    Girl: uh huh
    Boy: NO WAY ! i thought i had to do everything to NOT have them! damn!
    Girl: you dont have to talk a lot to people, and with awkward pauses, you can make a quick joke, and the girl will like ya more
    Boy: dammit! see! NOW u tell me. lol.

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Wed, 2nd Jan '02, 11:35 am::

Good morning beautiful world! Things have been going pretty great lately. I woke up @ 8 and got ready prepared to go to work on campus but it's still closed :( On the brighter side, I get 5 more days of vacation!

Then I went to our store and did some work. But then I got to talk to my family! It's been a long time since I heard from them.

Anyways I think I heard someone I know on the radio today - Kath's roommate Vicky... I was listening to Z100 - New York (while driving to pickup some stuff for our store) and I heard them talk about some females-only club (the name of which I'm afraid to mention. Hehe). And I'm 99.99% sure that one of the guest callers was Vicky! Let's see. I'll ask her when she comes online. Hehe.

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Tue, 1st Jan '02, 9:45 pm::

I was talking to my friend Vicky online and I just said these words, which I think are more true than anything I've said in weeks:

Quote for the night: "Life is great. I Swear. Someday in the future I'll look back on tonight and miss it." - Chirag Mehta

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Tue, 1st Jan '02, 8:15 pm::

My cuzins downloaded these Simpsons Icons and replaced the My-Computer / Internet-Explorer icons with them. Of course I wouldn't be caught dead doing that myself, but I think some of the icons are pretty cool.

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Tue, 1st Jan '02, 5:00 pm::

After many days / weeks, I actually did some decent work around the house. My uncle and I just assembled 4 oak (or was it teak?) high-seat chairs for our kitchen table. Took us more than an hour! But atleast the new 9.6v power-drill was helpful :)

After that we insulated the hot water pipes that come out from our basement and go to the top floor bathrooms. And after that we fixed up the broken hinges and stuff in the air vents/tubes. Phew. All done now.

I had 2 slices of pizza, some REALLY sour orange juice, and then came up here. Life is beautiful. :)

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Tue, 1st Jan '02, 12:50 pm::

Ok everybody! If you haven't made any yet, here are 10 New Year's Resolutions for you.

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Tue, 1st Jan '02, 12:10 pm::

We urgently need this no-more-telemarketers-scheme in New Jersey. Those lucky Texans...

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Tue, 1st Jan '02, 12:05 pm::

Good morning world! Let me say it again... Happy New Year Everybody !!!

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