Thu, 6th Dec '01, 10:20 am::

For website owners ONLY: If you own/maintain a website, then read on. Wired News reports an incident where a small-time programmer/creative technologist, linked to KPMG, an international business consulting firm, just like this. And KPMG sent a threatening letter asking him to remove the link. Now EVERYBODY knows that NOBODY controls the Internet. If I want to link to then nobody can stop me. If I want to link to then I can, with full freedom. Yet this company tried to control the freedom of the Net and it suffered major criticism from the web community. I've linked to KPMG 10 times on this post all together. Let's see if they have the cheek to email me after the whole Wired News fiasco. Of course, if they do, I'll just post the full email that they send me, for all of you to see and laugh at. So my request is, IF you have a Blog, Website or anything, just link to KPMG!

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