Tue, 11th Dec '01, 10:05 pm::

I have to do something about this uncontrollable urge to talk about Michele-this and Michele-that all day! Moreover, this is MY PERSONAL BLOG. So there's NO WAY I'm gonna talk about her anymore in here. Right? Good.

Errrrr.... I just realized... I have almost nothing to talk about now. Just kiddin. I attended a Board Members' Only meeting of the Driving School Association of New Jersey and gave a presentation of the various Web Design services etc. offered by Chime Softwares. I think it went pretty well. Let's hope we get some good clients now.

Pssssst... In case you were wondering, yes I did see her today. Oh and I got a nice hug too! I'm soooooo happy. I don't wanna disclose any secrets here, but something tells me things are gonna get interesting soon.

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