Thu, 28th Feb '02, 12:10 pm::

About my trip to India... I asked my agent to book plane tickets from Newark to Mumbai/Bombay and back. I'll leave Newark on 26th May and depart from Bombay on 13th July. That gives me about 45 days in India, 30-35 in Calcutta and the rest in Bombay. Hope that's enuf! In April, I'll probably start doing my shopping (mostly candy). One good news is, I have already found job on campus that I will start as soon as I return from India. So it's all good. And tonight I might hang out or go clubbin' with my buddy Sunny. Let's see... it all depends on how much tired I am and how much work I still have...

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Thu, 28th Feb '02, 12:05 pm::

I'm in Richardson Campus Center right now, just sitting on my Dell server (not SITTING on it damnit! I mean I'm using it...) I feel kinda sleepy right now, since I was up till 3 am last night, writing that paper and doing the calc3 workshop after that. Ahhhhhhh. College is sooooo exhaustive. I don't remember the last time I slept for more than 6 hours non-stop! Seriously.

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Thu, 28th Feb '02, 1:55 am::

Are you wondering what I am doing @ this time? Well I just completed my critique on the works and writings of Marshall McLuhan. Even if you haven't heard about him, you are still influenced by his work, ideas, and theories. Read more about him or click here to read my critique. I personally think it is one of the better papers I've written in my life.

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Tue, 26th Feb '02, 11:15 pm::

Days keep getting longer and nights keep getting shorter. No! It's not the arrival of Spring. It's the arrival of exams and due homeworks! Urgh!

Virus Alert : Eternal Damnation - Pretty funny... Oh and check out the chips that will someday run my personal handheld supercomputer :)

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Mon, 25th Feb '02, 6:15 am::

Yes! I said 6:15 AM not PM! We just got a phone call from our alarm company that the alarm went off @ 5:30 am in our store! So my uncle and I went over to check it out. Nothing was missing. No break-in or anything. In the end, we came to the conclusion that some stupid balloon must have fluttered a bit due to air from the venting ducts, thereby triggering the motion detector. Great! I went to bed @ 2:30 am and woke up @ 5:30! Now I can't get back to sleep and I have an exam today. Ah wonderful!

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Sun, 24th Feb '02, 12:35 pm::

This is the funniest thing I've seen in weeks: Internet killed the Video Star! Parody of MTV's first video: Video killed the Radio Star.

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Sat, 23rd Feb '02, 8:10 pm::

Ok! 5 mins and I got bored! What is happening to me? I don't even have the patience to sit back and watch a movie anymore! Plus with the movie going on, I can't concentrate. So it's either movie or webdesign. Bubye movie! Me go create something neat now. Hehe...

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Sat, 23rd Feb '02, 8:05 pm::

Just had dinner while watching the climax of The Terminator. Right now I'm alone in the house, and guess what I'm watching while working? The Exorcist - Uncut! Damn I'm brave! Hahaha... I haven't seen this movie and have heard a lot of things about it. Also I don't want to sleep tonight because there is soooo much work. So I'm planning to get soo scared that I can't sleep, and that way I'll just stay up all night and finish my stuff. Tomorrow I study non-stop the whole day! URGH!!!!!! Linear Algebra exam on Monday :(

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Sat, 23rd Feb '02, 6:20 pm::

I'm home alone @ the moment. Everyone has gone to NY to visit distant relatives. Me? I got work! And studies! So cya later! And feel free to SMS me!

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Sat, 23rd Feb '02, 6:15 pm::

Today's a good day from the computing point-of-view for me. I finally got an almost unlimited ($1 per GB per month) bandwidth provider: and removed all the stupid ads from my Chime.Tv site. I felt soooo bad for putting ads, and am happy they're finally gone! Good riddance. Anyways I did a lot of file organizing on that site and hopefully will not have any bandwidth issues etc. ever now.

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Fri, 22nd Feb '02, 9:15 pm::

It's been a LOOOOOONG tiring day. I woke up @ 8 and have been working constantly. I'm done with the website of Sagar Consulting Inc. and pretty soon will put it on it's own domain. God web design is a LOT of work... Tonight I design yet another site, but this new one is BIG! I'm not gonna say anything more about it, except that I'll spend the next whole month working on it. Ahhhhh. When will I study! When will I eat, sleep, *shower*! When will I write my 'blog! After all 30-35 ppl read it almost everyday! I can't disappoint sooooo many ppl... Right?

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Thu, 21st Feb '02, 4:55 pm::

Yet another article posted on Fark. It's from Wired: Point and Shoot Speakers! It's really interesting new piece of technology - using sound as if it is light and pointing it in any direction.

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Thu, 21st Feb '02, 4:50 pm::

I'm in the campus lab right now. Had a math quiz. I think it went ok. Nothing great though. Have one long class today till 9 pm! After that it's 3 days of relaxing @ home :) Haha... relax my foot! I'll prolly spend yet another weekend studying and web designing. Hey atleast I like it! So it's not all THAT bad.

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Wed, 20th Feb '02, 11:55 pm::

Had a LOOOOONG day today. Lots of work. I have some good news but will tell everyone only after it materializes. For the time being, enjoy this cool link: hynotic spiral.

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Tue, 19th Feb '02, 5:40 pm::

Oh all this teasing reminds me that I need to ask something to my cuz in Bombay... Hey Niki! How is Aamir Khan? Hehehehe...

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Tue, 19th Feb '02, 5:25 pm::

Phew! My cuzin just let the room! Ah... I am in PAIN! Right after I made the 4:15 pm post above, she grabbed a pencil and attacked me! She threatened to poke me if I did not write whatever she wanted me to write! And since everyone knows I don't hurt girls... I was cornered with nowhere to escape!!! Help!!! My 'blog was under attack!!!

HAHAHAHA! Just kidding... She's the sweetest girl in the world :) And no I am not writing this under any pressure. But yeah, she did grab that pencil and poke me like 1000 times in the back of my neck! Ouch! Still hurts. Hehe. You see she totally adores this Hrithik Roshan guy and I always try to find an oppurtunity to make fun of him in front of her :) But that's only fair because she also constantly teases me about Preity Zinta1 ! My cuz thinks Preity2 isn't pretty! I mean come on! Preity3 is DEFINITELY pretty! LOL. You be the judge4.

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Tue, 19th Feb '02, 4:40 pm::

The terrorists have won! I was under attack and under armed pressure to make that 4:25 pm post above! More details to follow when it is safe!

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Tue, 19th Feb '02, 4:25 pm::

"I am Chirag Mehta. I lied in the above entry. My cuzin LOVES Hrithik Roshan and according to her he is very hot. I am sincerely sorry Sneh for insulting you. You are the most beautiful smart young woman I know. Please accept my apologies. The End."

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Tue, 19th Feb '02, 4:15 pm::

Breaking News: My cuzin Sneh just called Hrithik Roshan: "an egghead" !!!!! Haha! What is this world coming to?

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Sun, 17th Feb '02, 11:15 pm::

This is kinda long article about a father and his son but it's very interesting. The kid is 20 yr old and an assistant professor in MIT! Read the article.

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Sun, 17th Feb '02, 10:55 pm::

There's a reason why I haven't updated my 'blog in the last few days - I was busy making websites. Check out this site that is pretty much complete from my side (the owner needs to give me more material so that I can finish it) : Safety First Driving. Tomorrow back to college.

It's really funny though. For 3 days (Fri-Sun) I feel like there's no college and I'm just home like it's summer vacation and for 4 days (Mon-Thur) I spend average of 12 hours a day in college, like I don't have a home! A schedule like this does weird stuff to one's mind and body clock. But as far as sleep and food is concerned, I only sleep for 4-5 hours max throughout the week, and forget to eat a meal every other day. I dunno why but I just don't get hungry anymore! I know I'm not anorexic or anything like that, but it's just really weird. I feel that somehow I've come to a stage in my life when food and sleep are really not important to me anymore. And yet everything I do is just so that later in my life I can sit back, stretch my legs on a comfortable lounge chair, and sleep calmly after a satisfying meal. Hehe. I wonder if that day will ever come (or even if it should ever come...) Maybe I don't want to spend the latter part of my life relaxing and retiring! I love working, learning, studying, talking. I think I'll continue to do what I'm doing forever :) Yup! That's what I'm gonna do... Keep up the job... Oh that reminds me of today's Quote for the Midnight...

Quote for the Midnight: "Why do men spend their health to gain wealth, and then try to spend their wealth to gain health?" - Anonymous.

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Fri, 15th Feb '02, 9:15 pm::

This is one day late, but it's still really funny: Smoochies.

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Thu, 14th Feb '02, 4:45 pm::

Quote for the day: "Happy Singles Awareness Day!" - Pri.

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Thu, 14th Feb '02, 11:35 am::

This has got to be the world's WEIRDEST marriage proposal. The owner of SlashDot proposed to his girlfriend Kathleen Fent online, in front of 250,000 people (more like computers)! Strange huh? Just to remind you, this is the same Slashdot that linked to my Glass2k software in November 2001 and cost me hundreds of dollars.

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Thu, 14th Feb '02, 8:00 am::

Last night I added this tiny little feature on this site : Chime!

If people start abusing this, I'll pull it off instantly. But otherwise, I'd love to get a couple of messages a day... If you read something on my 'blog and wanna comment on it, just SMS me! Isn't that simple?

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Wed, 13th Feb '02, 10:20 pm::

Too busy with work to do any 'blog'ing @ the moment... I wish I had time :(

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Tue, 12th Feb '02, 1:55 am::

It's almost 2, I've completed my homework, and it's kinda sad that even fat cats seem interesting to me @ this hour. I just spent 10 minutes looking @ ridiculous feline pics. God... this is sad... how math can affect a person's brain in the middle of the night... tsk tsk... good night cruel world... LOL...

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Mon, 11th Feb '02, 11:50 pm::

This guy is a genius! He discovered how to defeat Telemarketers! He deserves a Nobel prize.

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Mon, 11th Feb '02, 10:15 pm::

Pretty neat day today. I got myself this nice cell phone (finally!). It's a pretty basic phone w/ basic features. Nothing that great about it, except that I don't have to pay a monthly bill on it... it's a prepaid cashcard phone, good for me.

Also I got my paycheck today and some scholarship money. It was cold to use an ATM machine for the first time!!! Yes I mean COLD and not COOL... I'm sure it was about 20F outside when I was trying to punch in all the weird keys in the ATM machine just so that I could deposit the checks. By the time I was done... my fingers were frozen and I couldn't even start the car... brrrrr...

That brings me to 'car'... I've decided I really need a car once I come back from India (yup! me going home this summer... more on that in the next few days). I'm still considering whether I should buy a good quality used car or a cheapo new car... budget is $10-12k... let's see.. any contributions anyone? Haha... I'm trying to get a permanent job on campus and once that is guaranteed I'll definitely buy meself me own car :) hehehe...

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Sun, 10th Feb '02, 11:00 pm::

Today was one of the most forgettable days in my life. Seriously. All I did was just study and do my homework. Who wants to remember days like these anyway? Ha! Tomorrow will hopefully be more interesting...

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Sat, 9th Feb '02, 8:00 pm::

One really neat thing I found was the website of CESC Ltd, Kolkata. Anyone (from Kolkata obviously) can goto CESC Billing Site to view thier electric bill online and can actually pay it online too! Now I know that almost nobody will do this, but still the online bill query tool is pretty neat.

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Sat, 9th Feb '02, 7:40 pm::

It's been a long time since I posted interesting stuff on my blog. So today I devote some of my precious time to seeking insightful and interesting anomalies spread throughout the Internet. Anyways, did you read about:

---- Britney Spears on MIT campus?
---- Yet another stupid thief?
---- The Friends in 10 years?
---- Chelvis - The Chinese Elvis?
---- Indo-Pak tensions @ Amoco Station?
---- Dumb New Jersey Laws?

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Fri, 8th Feb '02, 8:44 am::

When I signed up for my First Union bank account, I was really pleased with one service: Daily email updates of my bank balance. Today I realized how shortsighted I was! Now every morning I get an email from First Union, telling me that there is exactly $0.00 in my 'College Express Checking Account.' I mean come on! I don't need something to remind me every morning that I'm broke! Now if I got an email saying I have $9,999,999.99 in my account, things would be different :) Hahaha... Maybe... I can hack... into their... OH NO! Stop it Chirag... early morning... bad thoughts... I think I should just go and take a good shower instead...

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Thu, 7th Feb '02, 5:15 pm::

Last night I was just sooooo tired that I didn't even log on. Also I had a lot of homework to complete. I guess college is back in full swing now... study day and night non-stop. Urghhhh...

I'm in the library right now doing some research. I had a quiz today and I think I did ok. Yesterday I had a quiz and I totally messed it up :( I just hope the teacher gives partial credit. I have lots of homework to do before Monday and I guess I'll try to complete it all tonight, since I have to finish two websites soon; Friday-Saturday-Sunday I'll be @ home completing the sites. Wish I could just go out and party... but these two sites are kinda important and the deadline is approaching.

I have my Exploration in Media Sciences class within 30 mins. I hope I don't get homework in it... ;-)

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Thu, 7th Feb '02, 8:00 am::

Just woke up and whoa! What's up with the surprise snow? Last night the forecast said little rain this morning... but right now it's actually snowing! Hehehe... but it won't be a lot... prolly for 1-2 hours more... Ok time to go workout and then off to college...

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Wed, 6th Feb '02, 7:55 pm::

I'm on campus right now and my class is going on. In this class, I get to go online and do research etc. but since I'm already done w/ my assignment, I am free to surf the net! Yay! Anyways I had a long day today... will write the details when I get back home tonight... within 2 hours... ahhh...

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Wed, 6th Feb '02, 8:55 am::

Ok this is SCARY! I just came to read my own 'blog to see what's happening in my life... Ahhh...

Just worked out for almost an hour. Going to shower and then to college for lotsa lotsa lotsa homework and studies... 8 hours of non-stop classes today! Yay! Wonderful Wednesdays...

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Tue, 5th Feb '02, 2:10 pm::

My computer class got cancelled so I came home. I went to PC City today bought myself this mouse. It's pretty neat. My old mouse was acting up strange and had lost almost all it's precision. This new one's spiffy :)

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Tue, 5th Feb '02, 7:55 am::

Quote for the day: "You have a very nice Vector... Yeah but my vector has a larger magnitude than your vector!" - Miss K, Calc 3.

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Mon, 4th Feb '02, 10:55 pm::

Happy Birthday to my cuz bro Keval! I wish I was with you guys!

Had a long long boring day @ college today. 3 math classes for 5 hours and 3 hours of homework after that. My brain is completely ruined! I can't think. I need sleep. Good night. Got lots of homework to do tomorrow. Urghhhhhhh.

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Sun, 3rd Feb '02, 11:15 pm::

I forgot to mention one of the coolest thing ever... Out of the blue, I get this magazine from Spain in mail! Turns out, PC Plus - Spain decided to put one of my softwares: Glass2k on their CD and as a courtesy, shipped me the magazine from Madrid. I wonder if I should count this towards my hobby: Collecting newspapers... one from each country in the world. So far I've newspapers from about 9 or 10 countries... I'll put more details on this later on... I used to have a website about it, but it's kinda obsolete now. Maybe next month I'll redesign the site and update it.

Anyways enuf for tonight... College starts tomorrow... lots of studies... ahhhhhhhh...

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Sun, 3rd Feb '02, 11:05 pm::

Lots of things to write. First of all as you can see... I finally put up the pics from Kathleen's party on my photo gallery. Click here to check out all the pics.

Last night I went over to Kath's place to hang out w/ Vicky and her friends. It was lotsa fun and best of all we saw two really really really funny movies:
---- The Ladies Man
---- Baseketball

So today I did something all *normal* people do... watched sports w/ family: The Super Bowl 2002. I'm glad the Patriots won. I'm not a big fan of American Football. Neither am I a big cricket fan. I love Soccer and Volleyball though. I think I would be at home in Brazil... They have one of the world's best men's soccer team and one of the best women's volleyball team.

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Sun, 3rd Feb '02, 2:00 pm::

Cool group pic:

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Sun, 3rd Feb '02, 1:35 pm::

Couldn't write the 'blog yesterday... too busy working and watching movies... gotta take a shower now... details to follow...

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Fri, 1st Feb '02, 11:20 am::

Woooohoooo!!! God I am SOOOOOO lucky I should be in the Guinness Book of World Records!!! You know how I've been searching for a good weight/workout bench since last few days... well today I found it! This is the bench that I bought (hi-res pic for guess how much...? Well the original price is $129.99 and you can still buy it online for the same price... but I found that they had a display model which was a little scratched in one corner. So I bargained with them... and guess what? I got it for $25!!!!! That's the bestest deal I've ever made in my life! Hehehehe... It's lying right in my house... next to the main door... tonight when my uncle comes home we'll carry it downstairs (since our basement stairs are a bit tricky and I don't wanna chip off the paint by trying to carry it alone). So life's great! I got my bench at a MUCH MUCH lower price than I had imagined... oh and since I saved so much money, I bought extra weights that I was going to buy in March/April... The weights are a bit expensive $25 for 50 lbs... but it's the regular price so tis not like i'm being ripped off... ok time for web designing... ciao!

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Fri, 1st Feb '02, 1:25 am::

Quote for the middle of the night: "If AOL was a person, I think I would murder it..." - o0o0oHawlo0o0o (heard online...)

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Fri, 1st Feb '02, 1:05 am::

Sometimes people ask me if I miss my family. I say ya... a lot. Sometimes they can't understand how I can miss my family if I'm having so much fun and have such a great life here. I can write a 10000 word essay on why I miss my family... but I can say the same... by showing them this tiny little online convo that took place between me (Chirag) and my sister (Roshni):

    Roshni: ya just like that hindi movie i know that mummy loves u more than me....hahaha
    Chirag: hehehehehehehhehehehehehehe
    Chirag: :: obviously ::
    Roshni: yeah right
    Roshni: i was just joking
    Chirag: yeah right !!!!!!
    Chirag: everyone loves me more than you !!!!!! except me.... i love u more than i love me.......
    Roshni: ok now time for u to go to bed
    Roshni: sleep
    Roshni: how sweet
    Chirag: lolololol
    Roshni: i love you
    Chirag: i love you too...

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