Sun, 31st Mar '02, 10:35 pm::

Quote for the day: "The size of the woods is the same, but there are now so many trees that its getting too hard to find the path." - Anonymous

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Sun, 31st Mar '02, 9:35 pm::

Woohoo! I drove @ 70mph on the NJ Turnpike!!! Ok, so I admit that's not the coolest thing in the world... but so what? Before today I had never gone above 60mph ever so this was pretty neat... hehe... Just to scare the hell out of everyone in India... 70mph = approx. 112 km/hr. I remember driving my car in Calcutta two years ago at about 90 km/hr and the car was almost coming apart! It was scary... hehehe... Well I went to pick up Sneh from the airport since she'd gone to Salt Lake City, Utah for the weekend. I love driving... especially FAST :) Hehehe... One thing's sure... once my get my own car... I'm def. going on a looooong drive somewhere... a real road trip...

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Sun, 31st Mar '02, 1:15 am::

Ahhhh... I'm soooo tired. Just got back some time ago from Sunny's sister : Sharmil's sweet-16 b'day party. It was pretty fun. I had a good time and I met a couple of cool ppl there - Neha and Sheetal. Both of them goto Rutgers... Neha's the daughter of former Indian actress/dancer Padma Khanna. And I think Sheetal is the 3-4th distant cuzin of my cuzin Sneh. But she's a sweet person. Hope I bump into her randomly in college someday. Hehe... Well thank god both these girls were there or else I'd have been bored @ the party... hehehe... cuz Sunny was all busy w/ organizing/coordinating everything... and I did not know almost anyone else there... Right now I'm tired beyond my limits... Good night world...

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Sat, 30th Mar '02, 3:30 pm::

Does the world really want to know how tired I am right now? Urghhhh... Will goto my friend Sunny's sister's sweet-16 b'day party tonight. Hopefully it'll be a good relief from all this work... Urgh... I need a BREAK!!!

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Sat, 30th Mar '02, 12:15 pm::

Quote for the day: "... sureeeee... in THEORY! In theory communism works too..." - Homer Simpson

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Fri, 29th Mar '02, 11:45 pm::

I went to college today to attend the University College Honors Students Reception. As I was walking by the College Av. Post Office, someone shouted 'Hey Cutie!' So I looked around and saw this really beautiful girl standing near a dorm window looking at me. So I obviously thought she was talking to someone near me and so again I looked around but then she started laughing. She said 'I'm talking to you hottie...' I said 'Excuse me?' And she said 'Happy Easter...' And I said 'Um yeah. Happy Easter' and walked away. YES I KNOW YOU THINK I'M A LOSER! Shut up! I was already late for the reception and I'm sure she was just joking around with random ppl, nothing serious. I prolly won't even recognize her after a few weeks if I see her in public and it's prolly vice versa. But it's just weird how someone in a little cheerful mood can change someone else's mood in an instant. I was pretty worried and tensed since I was late and the honors reception is a big thing and I wasn't prepared and everything. But just after she said 'Happy Easter' to me and I replied back and walked away... I was suddenly feeling pretty light-headed and happy... It's odd...

The reception went pretty well. One of my friends: Bonny gave an interesting lecture on the research she's doing with a Rutgers professor on William's Syndrome. Then I selected two honors classes that I'll most probably take in Fall 2002 (Sept. 2002) semester. Hopefully they'll be interesting...

My cuzin Sneh is in Salt Lake City to celebrate Priya's sweet 16 b'day party. Hey Sneh! I miss you... Come back soon... It's just been 2 days and I already have 25 stories to tell you... And have a great party Priya! God knows how many stories I have to tell my sister Roshni in Calcutta... Probably gazillions... But atleast I know she reads my 'blog often, so she does know some of the stuff happening in my life...

But right now I've more work :(

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Fri, 29th Mar '02, 5:00 pm::

Just got a letter from my college saying I'm on the "Dean's List" for 2001-2002. For one second I thought oh-my-god what the hell did I do to be on this hit-list! Then I realized it's actually a GOOD thing! Hehehe... It's for students who study well and stuff, so oh well... that's a good news. Hehehe... But I don't get any scholarships or coupons or discounts or anything :(

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Fri, 29th Mar '02, 3:05 am::

Had a pretty loooong day today. Woke up @ 7:30, going to bed after 3... Ahhhh... But it was good. Like most other Thursdays, for some reason, the weather was once again good. I chilled out w/ Kath for some time in the afternoon. We drove down to the McDonalds @ Brunswick Mall... then we did a little Maple lab work. Nothing great. Just a plain nice day... Then did some more Maple work with Vicky, Jim and this new girl I've become good friends with recently - Rebecca. God she's soooooo smart! She can fill up crossword puzzles like she's just copying the answers from somewhere! And I think she's the only one to ever beat me in hangman!

Well Kath's having a party tonight and it's going on even @ this moment... but I had to do sooooo much work that I coudn't go :( Oh well... There's always next week... hehe...

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Wed, 27th Mar '02, 10:05 pm::

Oh my god! Today's such a good day! I just checked my 'snail' mail and found a postcard that my friend Astrid had sent last week when she was in Bahamas... I feel special :) hehehe...

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Wed, 27th Mar '02, 9:55 pm::

SURPRISE SURPRISE: So I just surfed randomly to and found that new version of ICQ is out. But imagine my surprise when I found on the same page a link to an editorial review of IM'napper!!! It got a 6 out of 10 (not bad, considering it's such a tiny little program) and the review was mostly favorable and good. God I am soooo excited! The weirdest thing? The review was written on January 9th 2002! And NOW I find about it... Read the full review if you have the time.

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Wed, 27th Mar '02, 9:00 pm::

Wed, 27th Mar '02, 12:25 pm::

In the campus computer lab right now. A really funny thing happened before I came here. I went to get my paycheck from the Billing Office and I put in the wrong date! I thought today was 26th March instead of 27th! Ahhhhhh. But oh well since I have days off on Tuesday, I tend to forget that. And I'm wearing a different watch these days, since the old one with the big display and date feature has a problem with the belt :( I love that watch... going to get it repaired when I go back home this summer... AND gonna buy like 50 new watches too! Seriously!

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Tue, 26th Mar '02, 10:25 pm::

My favorite software company Google has job openings. Nobody can understand how much I want to work for them... But oh well... I prolly need a Phd just to get a reply from them! :(

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Tue, 26th Mar '02, 11:10 am::

No college today :) Lotsa work to do though... Oh well...

Thought for the day: Children ask better questions than do adults. 'May I have a cookie?' 'Why is the sky blue?' 'What does a cow say?' are far more likely to elicit a cheerful response than 'Where's your manuscript?' 'Why haven't you called?' and 'Who's your lawyer?

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Mon, 25th Mar '02, 11:55 pm::

Here's a sorry little chat excerpt from my online life:

    Jacquelin: I'm past my bed-time.
    Chime: I don't have bed time. I have eyes-close-and-open breaks.
    Jacquelin: Typical computer g**k.

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Mon, 25th Mar '02, 10:05 pm::

Mon, 25th Mar '02, 9:40 pm::

I'm glad college is on. No! Not because of studies! Urgh.. But because I get to see my friends again and actually make new ones... It's funny how after a week's break, somehow the whole college seems 200% happier than usual, people act more sweetly, smile extra, and are generally in a more cheerful mood. Ah... Wonder how long will that last... hehehe.

Fav. Quote from Oscars last night: "When I'm not working, I'm mean, moody, and difficult. Then when I find work, I'm even more mean, moody and difficult..."

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Mon, 25th Mar '02, 9:15 am::

Here's what people have to say about Lagaan...

I think I can see Anu Malik's intelligence pouring out of his brains in there! Hahahahaha...

And Lisa Ray, you shouldn't have said that either! LOL.

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Sun, 24th Mar '02, 11:45 pm::

Good f***ing night! Lagaan lost. I hate the Oscars. Enuf for tonight... Going to bed... I'm angry and sad... What a great way to end my spring break! College starts tomorrow. Ah. I don't feel good anymore...

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Sun, 24th Mar '02, 8:25 pm::

One more Quote for the night: "It's not red carpet, it's burgandy" - Will Smith.

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Sun, 24th Mar '02, 7:25 pm::

Sun, 24th Mar '02, 7:20 pm::

I sooooooooo want Lagaan to win! I hope we win... *holding my breath* !!!!!

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Sun, 24th Mar '02, 7:15 pm::

Quote for the night: "Aamir... Please do it na..." - Aashi's MSN profile.

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Sun, 24th Mar '02, 7:10 pm::

Watching the Oscars :)

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Sat, 23rd Mar '02, 11:45 pm::

I just got home! Whole family went on a big shopping spree!!! I feel like a sellout! I sooooo surrendered to greedy capitalism today. Haha. Bought approx $100 worth of clothes @ and Gap... Woohoo for LOTS of new clothes! Me happy... Well I needed something to cheer me up after 7 days of non-stop work! It's going good. I just needed some time to relax u know... Right now I'm tired. Going to bed early! Cya...

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Wed, 20th Mar '02, 11:55 pm::

Google does something cool again: Google Live! News Search.

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Wed, 20th Mar '02, 10:45 am::

Sorry for no blog yesterday. No big updates today either. Lotsa work... :( Anyway here's something interesting: Chirag Mehta complaint letters! I guess somebody's complaining about me! Boohoo! Hahaha... It's an auto-fake-complaint generator. See a new complaint letter about me every time you click here or make your own.

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Mon, 18th Mar '02, 1:35 pm::

Mon, 18th Mar '02, 11:45 am::

I've been working non-stop since last 3 days. Haven't found the time to update this blog. Chances are, my next detailed blog will be next week :( Sorry... So just hang in there and I'll give a brief on my whole spring 'break' after it is over. God knows why I'm calling it a 'break'. It certainly isn't one!

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Sat, 16th Mar '02, 1:10 pm::

You thought bowling originated from the game of nine pins? You're wrong! Here's the true history of bowling.

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Fri, 15th Mar '02, 11:05 pm::

Fri, 15th Mar '02, 11:00 pm::

Fri, 15th Mar '02, 10:15 am::

I was just driving back from our store and the weirdest thing happened to my car radio. I actually listened to two songs @ the same time because of some weird physics phenomenon! When the car was moving @ more than 30 mph, one station was playing and when I slowed down or stopped, the radio caught another station! Weird huh? Well it did automatically tell me my speed though. LOL.

Song for the day: "Rain drops keep fallin' on my head" - B. J. Thomas

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Fri, 15th Mar '02, 9:00 am::

Quote for the day: "The conservative guys want to meet the liberal guys and have a beer. And that's the way it should be." - Drew Curtis of in the interview.

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Fri, 15th Mar '02, 7:55 am::

Like normal people, I went to bed early last night at 1 am (that is EARLY for me!). But I guess it's my bad luck, I woke up @ 7 this morning! I mean even though I could have technically slept in till 9-10, I just woke up without any important reason :( Actually I woke up because I had a kinda weird nightmare. First of all, it's been a loooong time since I've had a dream/nightmare (cuz you know, your body first needs to get into the REM stage and I don't sleep enuf every night to get into this stage). So in this nightmare, suddenly the whole world was holding me accountable for my 'blog! Yes! Everyone took everything I said on this 'blog literally as my final decision and thoughts on a subject and questioned me non-stop all the time: "Chirag, on 6th Feb, 2002, you said that: 'Ok this is SCARY! I just came to read my own 'blog to see what's happening in my life... Ahhh...' Does this mean that nothing goes on in your life? Do you derive some abominable egotistical pleasure from reading what you wrote about yourself?" People... People... Please do NOT EVER do this to me or else I'll go crazy! I don't mean asking me stupid questions like this, but rather holding me accountable for this 'blog. Now in a couple of months I'm going home and I really really hope that nobody in Calcutta/Mumbai pulls out an entry from this 'blog and asks me to elaborate on that! Urgh... God this nightmare was awful! It scared the hell outta me, since everybody I knew was cornering me for something or the other. I hope this was just a nightmare and will not escape into reality. Phew...

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Thu, 14th Mar '02, 10:35 pm::

Oh my god! I'm soooo tired... I came home @ 10 pm from class, had dinner and finally got some time to come online. So it's finally spring break! Yay! That's 10 days of 'rest'. Now I prolly will be working even more, but atleast I won't have to study for the next 10 days! Phew...

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Thu, 14th Mar '02, 4:40 pm::

On campus right now. I bid farewell to all my friends @ Cook who're all going to cool places over the Spring Break. Right now I'm just sooo sleepy that I can pretty much snooze off right in this uncomfortably low chair in this computer lab. LOL.

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Thu, 14th Mar '02, 10:35 am::

It's funny how when you are busy, hours seem like minutes and days seem like hours. Anyways, I did find some time to update part of this site. I just put up 10-12 of my webcam pics. Be warned that they are not my pretty pics, but just random pics I caught on my webcam. Hehe... Don't blame me later... you have been warned!

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Wed, 13th Mar '02, 9:55 pm::

Yet another long day @ college. I found out my computer class exam result and it is BAAAAD! I am soooo mad right now. Since I haven't seen the answer-sheet myself, I'm pretty sure that something's wrong here. I definitely did a lot better than what I got! Me mad! Urghhhh... Got workshop due tomorrow and lotsa work! Tomorrow is last day of college before Spring Break. Phew. Then about 10 days of rest :)

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Tue, 12th Mar '02, 3:00 am::

Funny Item of the night:

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet, and so are you.
But the roses are wilting, the violets are dead,
The sugar bowl's empty and so is your head.

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Tue, 12th Mar '02, 1:35 am::

Quote for the day: "Failure is an event, but success is a process..."

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Mon, 11th Mar '02, 11:30 pm::

I know only a handful of web designers read my 'blog and here's a link for them specially: Art and the Zen of Websites.

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Mon, 11th Mar '02, 7:45 pm::

Oh well what a coincidence! I found yet another article and it says Alcohol is good for young women! And it's not funny - it's a serious article. I can already hear one thousand one girls cheering in joy! Hahaha... j/k...

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Mon, 11th Mar '02, 7:35 pm::

This is pretty much for all my friends in college: Study finds women who drink are way more fun to study. Haha. It's damn funny...

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Mon, 11th Mar '02, 7:15 pm::

Just got back home. Had a pretty decent day @ college. Nuttin that interesting though. One good thing... I got my Linear Algebra quiz and Calc3 exam results... Let's just say I got good grades (cuz any more details and you'll think I'm trying to show off).

Oh and I spent almost half an hour before one of my classes sending sms (text message over cellular) to my brother Keval in Bombay! It was sooo much fun. My fingers hurt though. LOL.. Anyway it's dinner time! Yay! Tata...

Quote for the day: "Someday we, and by we I mean me, will be important..." - as quoted from some movie by some guy in the bus today.

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Sun, 10th Mar '02, 11:55 pm::

Ah... Yet another fun day. I didn't 'accomplish' anything at all! Kinda relaxed all day to prepare myself for the loooong weeks ahead. I have sooo much stuff to do!

I made myself a nice techno-fast-music cd for when I work out. I listened to the cd when I drove to campus - Kath's apartment this afternoon. But she wasn't there so I just chilled out with Vicky for a couple of hours. Then I had to attend an International Student's meeting on Busch campus and when that was over, I came back to her apartment and Astrid was there too. She's such a sweety! We started talking bout her research paper and the topic changed slowly to Mahatma Gandhi. I felt sooo proud today talking to her about the man considered the 'Father of the Nation' (in India). She knew a few things about him, but I think I said enuf to make her interested enuf to read more about his philosophy and idealogy. Oh then me and Astrid tried to fight about politics but as I said, she's such a sweety that she can't even fight! Haha... (I know she's gonna kill me for saying this out loud here! HAHA)...

Then Astrid left and it was me and Vicky again. She's a really great person to talk to. I have a number of friends whom I talk to on a normal basis, but I just don't feel as relaxed or comfortable with anyone, as when I'm talking to Vic. It's pretty cool. Oh and she's going on a cruise next week to Cancun! The lucky girl! So we talked bout her vacation and what she's gonna do there. Actually, now that I think bout how annoying I was, she prolly hates me by now - cuz everytime she started talking bout something, I'd interrupt and start my own off-topic story! Haha... Ya, I still have that bad habit of 'talking'! LOL.

Song for the day: "Mea Culpa" by Enigma

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Sat, 9th Mar '02, 10:05 pm::

Ok so I wasted over an hour to make this new feature on my site, but it's damn cool: Kabalarian Philosophical Names - What your first name says about you... Click here to check it out yourself. Well here is the info on me:

"Your first name of Chirag creates individuality, independence, self-confidence, initiative, and an inclination to physical activity. You are not inclined to merge your opinions and viewpoints with others, to accept compromise, or to work in a subservient position against your will. Your expression is invariably quite direct and candid, and lacks the moderating tone of tact, diplomacy, and friendliness. Others find it difficult to accept your domineering and, at times, argumentative manner. Your circle of friends is restricted to those of like nature. Once friendship is established, you are very loyal and steadfast and do not tolerate gossip or criticism. In your close associations and family life, there is little demonstration of sentiment, appreciation, sympathy, or encouragement. It is difficult for you to find the right words for such circumstances. Weaknesses in the health caused by this name centre in the head."

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Fri, 8th Mar '02, 6:10 pm::

I'm 59% addicted to IM! How much are you ?

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Fri, 8th Mar '02, 1:15 am::

Well my Dad just informed me that today's the International Women's Day! So Happy Women's Day to all the hotties and cuties out there :) Hehehehe...

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The Typical Best Day of my LifeThu, 7th Mar '02, 10:45 pm::

Let's just say that March 07,2002 is probably one of the most beautiful days in my life. I know it for sure that 20 years from now when I'll be nostalgic 'bout my college life and look back, I'll remember days like today... It was such a perfect carefree beautiful day! The weather outside was soooo perfect... it was warm but not hot, it was breezy but not windy, and it was sunny but not parching. I went to work and I had no work! So I just chilled for a couple of hours, talked to my Dean and her secretary. Then out of the blue my really good friend Jessica came online and we talked for almost an hour. God it's been such a loooong time! I want to go to Newark and see her sometime... cuz she's soooo much fun. And then I literally walked for one and half hours from College Avenue campus to Cook campus! I mean I could have easily taken the college bus but it was just too beautiful outside! Felt like spring was here... I was just walking down the road when I met my buddy Ross's roommate Ian - he's one helluva cool guy! Then I walked a little ahead and met Andy! Whoa! This is one good day for socializing :) It's been almost a month since I met him and he said Kathleen was in her apartment so I could prolly go and visit her...

So I goto her apartment and her friend Megan was there too. We chilled out for some time and then Kath had to buy something so me and her go on a short drive. God she drives like a speed daemon; but it's fun :) When we came back @ her apartment, her roommates Astrid and Vicky were back too! Ah..... I hadn't met them in weeks too! They (Kath/Astrid/Vicky) are the three most wonderful and lovely girls in RU! Trust me...

Then in the Calculus class, we did pretty much nothing! Our TA just said that do whatever you want and didn't give us any assignment/homework! Yay! I mean HOW perfect could this day be?

Next me and my other friend Vicky (not Kath's roommate) goto the computer lab and I give her a 101 lecture on how to use this really weird math software called Maple cuz we have an assignment due in it. It was fun... because she's a Mac lover and I'm a strictly PC guy. For atleast the Maple Lab homework I converted her to PC! Haha... Aw come on Vicky... you know PCs rule! Hehehe... Oh well... I wish I didn't have a class after that cuz I really love hanging out with her too! We fight a lot though... but it's good nice fight...

Well then I goto my honors class and I see the most interesting movie I've seen in years I think: Being There - starring Peter Sellers. Trust me this movie will blow away your mind! It was such a simple yet beautiful movie...

After the movie I come home, have dinner and here I am! God this was one wonderful day! Seriously...

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Thu, 7th Mar '02, 11:40 am::

For all you gamers out there - for the masters of the Playstation... well check out PainStation!!! Yup, you heard me right: Get hurt while playing video games! Read this Wired article about this latest advancement of stupidity in gaming.

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Thu, 7th Mar '02, 10:45 am::

For once, I'm not writing my 'blog in the middle of the night while trying to avoid homework or something! Phew. I'm @ my work right now, almost done with the main stuff, so just chilling. What's really weird is that lately I haven't come across any interesting websites. Whoa! What is this world coming to?

Anyways I got my tickets for my vacation to India this summer: May 26th to July 13th - KLM (with 4 hours in Amsterdam!).

Thought for the day: "Do beer commercials in Austrilia teach you: How to speak American?"

Impatient Rant of the day: "Is it spring-break already ??? !!!"

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Wed, 6th Mar '02, 8:55 pm::

Phew! Done! 3 exams + 1 project presentation! Ahhhh I'm soooo tired. I am going to bed now! Finally! If my calculations are correct, then in the last 72 hours I slept for about 8 hours only! I NEED TO GET SOME REST! Cya!

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Wed, 6th Mar '02, 9:15 am::

Thought for the day: "I'm stuck in a linearly vectorized space of multivariable differentials due to the research methodology of discrete structures!!! Don't even get me started today!"

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Tue, 5th Mar '02, 12:20 am::

Quote for the midnight: "Usability is not everything. If usability engineers designed a nightclub, it would be clean, quiet, brightly lit, with lots of places to sit down, plenty of bartenders, menus written in 18-point sans-serif, and easy-to-find bathrooms. But nobody would be there. They would all be down the street at Coyote Ugly pouring beer on each other." - Joel on Software.

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Tue, 5th Mar '02, 12:15 am::

I have to admit, I haven't been updating this 'blog regularly and also not doing it whole-heartedly. The simple reason is time... rather the lack thereof. I have just toooo much studies to do. Everyday I wake up @ 7 am and goto bed at 2-4 am! I hardly sleep anymore! Don't ask me where the time goes... between the long commutes to campus and the 5 hours I have to be on campus before my classes start (cuz I don't have a ride), I end up wasting half of my day doing pretty much nothing. So I just study or goto the library or computer lab and read stuff online. Ahhh. I've got to get a car soon or else my studies will start going bad... Even a used car will do for the moment... Once I get back from India, I can go ahead and buy a nice new car, but there are two whole months of college left! I'm open for advice... (and donations! hehe)...

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Mon, 4th Mar '02, 2:45 am::

YES!!!!! Calc3 Maple Lab 2 assignment finally completed!!! Took me three hours to learn Maple 7 and one hour to complete the lab assignment! Phew... I'm glad it's done... Tomorrow I'll study more for Calc3, cuz the exam is on Wednesday... :( I also have the Comp. Sci. Discrete Structures exam on Wednesday too! That means no sleep till Wednesday night! Oh and also the Research Methodology project is due on Wedneday.... Ahh... The Wonderful Wednesday...

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Sun, 3rd Mar '02, 11:30 am::

This is probably the most interesting news I've read in weeks: Scientists extract Dodo DNA! For one second it seems a pretty good achievement, but then think about the scary possibilities! Jurassic Park! Oh my god! Also, just think how stupid the whole thing sounds... The first extinct species to come to life might be... DODO! Hahaha...

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Sun, 3rd Mar '02, 11:20 am::

I can't believe I was sooooo busy yesterday that I didn't even find time to write this 'blog. So I finally bought my tickets to India this summer: May 26th I leave Newark for Bombay and July 13th I leave Bombay to return to Newark. It's gonna be fun! Finally! I can't wait... but oh well... there's 3 months more! :(

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Fri, 1st Mar '02, 2:30 pm::

Just came home! Spent last night @ my buddy Sunny and his gf Binta... cute couple... And yes... after weeks and months of sleep deprevation, I finally slept peacefully last night... for 10 hours! Yay! Of course I still feel all tired, icky, and stuffy. Urgh! But that's prolly cuz I need to take a shower and clean up. All in all things are great! (Temporarily... cuz next week is hell... 3 exams!!!)

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