A Golden ChanceFri, 6th Sep '02, 9:15 am::

Oh my God! I just HAVE to write what a weird (but still cool) thing just happened. I was comin' to my office in the bus and this gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS blonde walked in and sat in the seat diagonal from me. The bus was fully empty except for her, me, and of course the bus driver. So once she sat down, I kinda caught her looking @ me, giving me 'the look'! You know, 'the look'! So I just smiled at her and she smiled back. I just felt weird and turned away. I kinda felt that she was staring at me after that also, but I wasn't sure. Anyways so my bus stop came and I got out of the bus after saying 'Good bye' to the bus driver. As soon as I went outside the bus, the driver walked out of the bus, and took me aside and pointed at something random in the distance:

    Chirag: What?
    Driver: Dude, I only came out of the bus to tell you that, that blonde was giving you THE LOOKS!
    Chirag: Are you SURE?
    Driver: Man, trust me! She kept staring at you all the way from Douglas to Busch (campuses - approx 20 mins)!
    Chirag: Damn...
    Driver: Trust me yo! I see all ya college folks checking out each other all the time in the buses, but THIS was some hot momma after ya!
    Chirag: Damn...

Of course, then I came to my office and the driver went back to driving the bus. Ok so if I see her next time somewhere, then I think I know what to do, but till then, I'm stuck to being single again :) Hehe. Oh and now you have the total right to hate me forever for being such a schmuck :)

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