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As promised, here's the looooooong 'blog! Enjoy.

Lemme start with the most exciting news of all: I'm moving out! Yup, I finally decided that the simplest way to decomplexify my life was to find a nice place near my college and go live there :) And I found it! This morning I got a call from the current roomies and tomorrow I'll go and meet them. The deal sounds pretty decent: $450 a month including everything (water, gas, utilities, electric, cable tv, wireless hi-speed internet)! And you know the BEST thing? It's about 200 feet away from my work place! Yup! Just a 45 second walk to my work, College Avenue Student center, Au Bon Pain, Wendy's, College Avenus Gym, Computer Lab, Bus Station, and pretty much EVERY damn important place on campus :)

You know what I just realized? Some things are just supposed to happen, and some are not. And no matter how much we try to make them happen, some things won't. For instance, buying a car. I wanted to get a car since months. At the moment, I can even afford a real good car. But somehow I just don't want to pay so much for something that'll only give me transportation to college and back. It's just not worth it. But then last week when I thought about moving out as a viable alternative to buying a car, things suddenly started making more sense. Sure, it would cost $600-700 a month to live all by myself (including rent, food, amenities) which is the same as it would cost me to buy a car, but life on campus would be just soooo much more exciting. While life @ home with my family here is great, it's just too much like a school. I go to college during the day, study + work all day, come back home right before things get interetesting, study + work some more, then go to bed and the cycle continues.

But if I'm on campus, everything will be different. I would not have to worry about the lack of time to do things. I will have enuf time to do everything I want, since I wouldn't have to worry about coming to campus or being at home or anything. It's just simple - no tensions. My life, my time, my work. Damn I'm a selfish commie! LOL. But the bottom line is, finally, I can live the life of a college student. I can wake up when I want to, I can sleep if I want, or I can stay up all night talking to my new roommates or other friends on campus. I can finally be around people my age all the time (although a change would be welcome from time to time - that is home visits twice a month). And I can finally just wake up, brush, and WALK to my work! Haha. Hell if I practice enuf, I could probably hop to work! Or skip rope to work! It's only a stone's throw away.

Actually it's just good luck that I found a place so damn near everything. And see that's exactly what I'm saying! When I wanted to buy a car, nothing seemed to go right. Every dealer would give me weird prices, the car I almost bought wouldn't start, the insurance company would give me stupid extra-high rates! It just wasn't meant to happen. But now, as soon as I decide to move out, I coincidentally find a place right next to my work! There are over 800 houses in the area near my college, but most of them are at least a 10-15 minute walk from the student center. It HAS to be a big coincidence that I actually find a place on the SAME street as my work! My office is at 12 Morrell Street and this house I hope to move into, is at 53 Morrell Street! Talk about location!

Ya so I'm extremely excited 'bout this whole moving out thing. I talked to my uncle/aunt/cuzins and they agreed that if it's easier on me (oh yes!), and if I can afford it (yes I can), then it's best for me to move out. Of course, no more commute, expensive taxis, waiting for buses, or begging ppl to let me sleep over for the night. I'll be right in the think of things with ample time for socializing :) But I think my uncle and aunt were kinda disappointed though. I've been happily living with them for over two years now! And moving out away from them seems like a major decision. They didn't see this coming :( Anyways, I will be coming home regularly because I still gotta keep Chime Softwares alive :) So it's not like I'll run away and never come back. Hehe.

Okies so now we go on to the next item of importance: My vacation to Salt Lake City, Utah. I leave Newark early morning on Saturday and come back next Sunday evening. So it's like a 7-8 day vacation in the beautiful Rockies :) I can't wait to meet everyone there: Masa/Masi, Purvi, Priya, and their friends!

So what else is going on... Oh ya college! It's done for the month :) Although I start work on Jan 6th, my studies don't start for 2 weeks after that. Anyways, I'm hoping to get A's in all my classes for this term. Let's see what the final results say.

Ok so this was long enuf. It's vacation time and I don't wanna spend any more time on my computer. After all, once I come back from Utah, it's gonna be LOTS and LOTS of work non-stop all the time. So lemme just go and watch a movie or two in the meantime :) Later!

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