War in IraqThu, 20th Mar '03, 3:25 pm::

So there's this new reality show on TV - War on Iraq. In fact it's so popular that it's also on the radio, internet, and pretty much everywhere I wander. Oh well, so US attacked Iraq last night and Iraq's pretty much screwed now. While I'm no fan of Bush (or Gore either), I must admit I'm kinda fascinated by his strongheadedness. Right after 9/11 he decided he wanted to bomb Saddam. Guess he finally got the chance now.

One thing that I really like is how Bush gave Saddam 2-day ultimatum. This is politics. Even the smallest/slightest change takes years and decades. Middle-East peace process has been going on for years and years. Clinton cooled down the heat between Palestine & Israel, but as soon as he left, they began to fight again. India-Pakistan have been fighting over Kashmir for over half a century now without any resolution. But it took Bush less than 3 years to pretty much wipe out Al-Qaeda and Iraq! While I fully agree there has been a lot of civilian casualities, I'm kinda surprised to see in this war, there is so much concern for the loss of Iraqi lives. US seems to be trying it's best to attack only the Iraqi leaders/military and not the citizen. Never in the history of the world has an invading country cared more for the lives of the invaded.

A lot of people are against war, especially in US. Sure, of course they are. Because when they wake up in the morning, their biggest worry is which cereal do they want for breakfast, and not whether will Saddam will order his troops to poison their families. One of my housemates is half-Iraqi who been to Iraq a couple of times. I was talking to her the other day and she said the average Iraqi hates Saddam as much as the average Afghan hated the Taliban. And they would more than welcome a regime change right about now.

However, the war isn't as clear cut as it appears (well duh!). There's more than enough oil in Iraq to fuel Bush and Cheney's bank accounts for generations to come. But do I really care if the oil prices go up/down or if Bush makes a few hundred million more? Nah! I'd rather see Iraq turn into a free country without a corrupt dictatorship. Sure, it'll never be US or Germany, but at least it'll be better than what it is right now.

Some of my friends were worried about Iraqis attacking US with chemical and biotech weapons. Of course, that's a real threat and since we can't do anything about it, just might as well go on living our lives without worrying too much about it. If it's gonna happen, it'll happen.

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