Sun, 30th Jan '05, 3:20 pm::

A very surprising (and unexpected) congratulations to my boss Eric and his wife Amy for the birth of their beautiful daughter: Katie Dann!!! I hope you read this Eric and realize how much everyone in our small but loving company cares about you. On a slightly serious note, the baby was born about 45 days prematurely but thankfully Amy and the baby are both in a healthy condition. Katie's not on a respirator and is breathing well on her own. Hopefully within a week, the hospital will let them bring the baby home.

On a less personal but more business front, I was supposed to leave for Texas on Monday night with Eric and Scott for an early Tuesday morning business meeting with a big company. In fact, until this past Tuesday, I wasn't even supposed to go because it was going to be mainly a management + branding sales meeting. Of course, now Eric will 99% not go and Scott & I will be throwing the sales pitch. Eric's dad might come with us but it won't be the same. The thing is, almost everyone in our company was working non-stop for a month to prepare for this meeting and now the main person, Eric, is probably not gonna go.

This means, a lot more work for me and Scott. Since I designed the presentation and structured the marketing/sales strategy, I guess I'll be doing a lot of the talking. Of course, I will try my best and all that jazz, however, it's hard to replace my boss's 15-20 years of chemical and cosmetic manufacturing experience with my big fancy words. I mean, it's physically impossible to learn in 20 hours the knowledge someone has accumulated in over a decade. Life's not a Matt Damon movie.

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