Sat, 16th Jul '05, 4:20 pm::

Homeownership is lotta work man. I woke up at 7:30am because the security system guy came a bit too early. Now Brinks guards my home 24/7/365 :) I got free installation with glass break monitor, fire alarm, carbon monoxide monitor, motion detector, and three door monitors. Not that I feel unsafe in my house without this security system, but it's just that if I'm not here and something bad happens again, I don't want my kitties to be in danger.

It took the guy about 6 hours to set it all up and then I decided to finally clean my laundry washer and dryer. The previous owner of this house was nice enough to leave me both for free but oh man, were they nasty! There was soooo much grime and filth inside the washer that it took me over two hours to clean it up! But now, I'll have clean clothes once again :)

Homeownership is a lotta fun too. I'm a kid when it comes to playing with water hoses. I bought a flat and a coil hose last week and finally got to use it today. I'm all drenched right now because it's so hot outside and I ended up spraying water all over myself.

Anyways, yesterday I also bought two beach/sand chairs, a beach umbrella, and an ice cooler. I'm gonna go watch the sunset at Treasure Island Beach in about an hour - the sunset is at 8:30pm but I wanna just kick back and relax for a few hours. When you live 2 miles from the beach, every weekend is a mini-vacation.

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