Sun, 29th Apr '07, 7:25 pm::

We often get so caught up by the daily rut 'n rigmarole that we forget to relish life's little pleasures. Here's a few little things that make me smile.

Turning on the TV to unexpectedly catch the happy-ending of an underrated movie. Getting that little piece of pop-corn finally out of your gums. Having your fingernails grow just the right length to peel off a sticker but not too long to make typing difficult. Finding an extra slice of cheese in the fridge. Not having a single junk email make it into in your inbox. Realizing that in case you run out of toothpaste, there's an extra tube in the linen cabinet. Hearing the air-conditioner automatically kick-in the moment you feel a little warm but are too lazy to get up to lower the temperature yourself. Getting rid of the little piece of pebble caught inside your shoe. Coming across a word years after you last saw it in print - minstrels. Finishing item #10 on your little To Do list just in time for ice-cream. Making item #11 on your To Do list "eat ice-cream" no matter what the list is about.

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