Mon, 5th Aug '02, 10:05 am::

Taking a 2 min break from 90 minutes of coding :) It's nice and cold in my office. I was just thinking about why I like my work so much. I think I know why - cuz it directly affects hundreds/thousands of people throughout my university. I'll soon make a system that'll automate the payroll login of all the student/faculty/staff all over the university. Right now it's done it paper. So just thinking that soooo many ppl will use something I made, makes me feel like my work is kinda 'important' and stuff. Hehe. Of course that's just one side of the story. The better part is the people I work with - it's a happy little family down here. Everyone who works in this office loves their job and that makes dealing with them even more easier. The ONLY bad thing about my job (and yes, there is ALWAYS a bad thing about everything) is that they make me go back home @ 4:30 pm! I need to work at least half an hour more, not because I'm a freaky workaholic, but because my bus doesn't come until 5:30! So I end up waiting like 30 mins @ the bus stop, rather than in my cool little office. Oh well... this'll all change when school starts and I get my office @ a dif. campus - nearer to my classes. Ok, back to work.

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