Wed, 31st Jul '02, 11:55 pm::

Awwwwww it's almost 12! I gotta go to bed now :( The days are soooo short and the nights even shorter. Gotta wake up @ 6 and start working out... ahhhhhh

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Wed, 31st Jul '02, 8:40 pm::

Back home. I got new cartridge for my HP Laserjet 4L printer. And went shopping for a good cell phone plan. So far all I can find is $40/month... need to research some more before I settle for one.

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Wed, 31st Jul '02, 8:45 am::

@ work now. Just heard this quote and simply love it: "When the Gods want to punish you, they grant your wishes." It's from a book by Mark McCormick called "Never Wrestle with a Pig."

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Tue, 30th Jul '02, 6:30 pm::

Just got home. HEAT SUX! I am soooooo tired right now... can feel a bad headache coming... I'll go and take a good shower :) ah there's hope...

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Tue, 30th Jul '02, 9:30 am::

I'm @ work. Complex stuff. But I'll deal. Anyway I just found a pic of my office - here it is! Isn't it a cute l'il house? Hehehe... Ok back to work now...

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Mon, 29th Jul '02, 11:30 pm::

WOW! The more I talk about this movie, the less it seems... It's beyond doubt a great movie. Before seeing this movie, I was kinda apprehensive that the movie might be a big flop but thank god it isn't. I dunno how good/bad it is doing in the theatres in India but it looks like it should be a big hit.

Guess I'll call it a night now. Days are kinda short when you work full-time. I wake up, go to work, come back home, water the lawn a bit, have dinner, and go to bed. Life's decent. Can't wait till college starts though.

Song for the night: "She hates me" - Puddle of Mudd (Oh this is just a song I like... has no reference to anyone or anything going on in my life)

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Mon, 29th Jul '02, 8:25 pm::

Yay! It's Devdas on DVD time!!! I'm sooooo excited... Let's hope the movie's good...

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Sun, 28th Jul '02, 8:20 pm::

I just got back from New Brunswick Train Station - had gone there to drop off Purvi. Ah today was yet another peaceful day. Didn't do much except play tennis and clean the garage. In tennis it was Sneh & Purvi vs. Sagar and me. Guess who won? Hehe. Sagar 'n Me! Don't ask me how, 'cuz both the girls practice often and neither of us guys ever plays tennis. I think I might start playing more (as soon as it gets a little colder cuz it's damn hot 'n humid these days). Tomorrow's gonna be 95-100F! That's hotter than Mumbai and Calcutta!

I just repartitioned my hard drives and was checking out all the stuff I brought from my sis and cuzin's hard drives in India. There's soooooo much stuff I have to organize now... ahhhhhh. Anyways back to work tomorrow :) I like my work. So me look forward to it.

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Sat, 27th Jul '02, 10:10 pm::

Oh my god... I'm SUCH a shopaholic! Purvi (my cuz from NYC) came here last night and we spent all of today @ Franklin Mills mall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It's about an hour's drive from our house and oh my god the clothes and shoes are sooooooooo cheap there! I just returned from India and am shocked to find that a lot the stuff in this mall's actually cheaper! I got sooooooo many clothes (3 long sleeve t-shirts, 2 winter jackets, 1 half sleeve t-shirt, and 1 sleeveless t-shirt) and a really really good pair of original Aldo shoes. For dinner we had some good pizza from 'Famous Pizza.' And now we go down and play some poker/pool...

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Thu, 25th Jul '02, 9:15 pm::

Woohoo! I mowed the lawn with our new 12.5hp 5-geared 6-levelled gasoline tractor mower! My butt aches though... I feel like I've been riding a horse for 5 hours! Haha. The mower's pretty quick though, only took 40 mins to finish the whole lawn and with practice I'm sure I'll get it down to half an hour or less.

Rest life's going on as usual. Tomorrow my cuz from NYC - Purvi's coming! Yay! Fun fun fun...

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Thu, 25th Jul '02, 11:25 am::

I'm back! I have sooooo many things to say, so many stories to share, and so many good news to give... alas I have so little time. Chicago was prolly the biggest surprise in years for me. I never thought I would have SO much fun there, meet so many cool people, and actually enjoy day/night non-stop! It was my 2nd cuzin's (not 3rd) wedding and I met tons and tons of family and distant relatives. Me and my cuz Sagar also participated in a small dance routine that the girls from the groom's side were presenting on the Reception night. What surprised me the most was how warm and nice the people from Chicago were. Feels good to make new friends :)

After the wedding, we went sightseeing in downtown Chicago and we saw pretty much everything! I got some great pics from John Hancock tower. I'll post more details later on.

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Thu, 18th Jul '02, 11:45 pm::

Whoa! What an exciting day! I NEVER thought Chicago could be this much fun! Right now I have to go cuz all the young peeps are gonna chill out all night! I'll see if I can find time in the middle of the night to write in detail :)

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Wed, 17th Jul '02, 4:10 pm::

I can't believe I literally forgot to write my 'blog yesterday. Oh well, I've been busy. I got my new job and so I'm @ work all day. Nowadays I leave the house @ 7:45 am and come back @ 6-7 pm. Today I came back early cuz tomorrow morning I leave for Chicago and I'm the World's biggest last-minte packer! A 3rd cuzin of mine is gettin married and we're all going to attend all the functions and then go on a 2-3 day tour of Chicago and quite possibly Wisconsin :)

It's quite hot here these days, almost between 90-100F (32-37C). Thank God for the wonderful 100 year old technology - Air conditioner!

Anyways I've become quite a regular person these days. I wake up early, go to bed early (hey 11 pm is EARLY for me) and just chill out in the evenings @ home, in front of the TV :) I like summer. (hmmm why do I sound more and more like a 12 yr old writing his diary! lol. I think it's the heat.)

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Mon, 15th Jul '02, 5:10 pm::

God I don't even remember what day is today! Time's passing pretty quickly. In a flash my 45 day vacation to India was over... Ahhh. Anyways good news is I started my new job today :) They let me choose my own pc from 12-13 ones just strewed around. I chose a P4 with 256mb ram. I think that's enuf for the boring database stuff I'll be doing. I got a 17" monitor and a neat mouse. That's pretty much it for today. I met all the people who work there and just chilled out (and got paid for it! Haha).

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Sun, 14th Jul '02, 2:00 pm::

I'm back!!!! I'm happy & sad... Lotsa mixed emotions... Have a LOT of backup work to sort through. I got like 650 emails and 120 post mails in 45 days! Wow... Cya later... :)

Song for the rest of the summer vacation: "Weekend Song" - Freestylers

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Fri, 5th Jul '02, 4:00 am::

The 'blog is on hold till mid-July. Sorry for the inconvenience but I have LOTS of fun stuff to do in India before I come back to the US. Cya soon...

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