Tue, 6th Aug '02, 8:35 pm::

Wow! Yet another perfectly lovely day :) The weather is soooo cool @ the moment - I loveeeeee it. Anyways, had a good day @ job. I'm workin on this website for my university and one of the neat features I made today is server-based dynamic PDF file generation and auto-email daemon for MS IIS. Hehe. Complex but interesting stuff.

Well then I came home and worked out for 40 mins or so and went to water the plants and lawn outside. I feel like fall's here... it's just soooo nice and cool. I hope it stays like this forever *unlikely*. And my aunt made such lovely baigan ka bharta! Normally I don't like baigan (eggplant) but oh my this was seriously good... I think baigan tastes the best when it does NOT taste like baigan. Hehe. And now here I am... just relaxing, listening to Chalak Chalak from Devdas.

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