Wed, 7th Aug '02, 11:25 pm::

As I continue to work on my new project - Ajooba, in Dev C++, I realize what a big mistake I made the other day vowing to learn Win32 programming in C! Oh God! It's been over 16 hours in the past 3 days that I've spent behind this prog and so far all I could create is a window with a 3-item listview! It's yucky. Oh well, someday... this will be a lovely nice program that the whole world uses :) I realize in the past I have given up on a number of my pet projects, mainly because of time constraints or lack of interest. Not with Ajooba... This is my fav. and neatest little freeware so far. I mean I intend to give it my best. At the moment (after I decided that I don't really NEED a car) I have enuf time for myself everyday, like 2-3 hours a night. So I might as well do something that makes me happy and will eventually help a lot of people. I'm as it is getting 4-5 mails a day from people asking me to upgrade TrayPlay. Well, just wait ppl... (wait... like... 6 months? hehe)

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