Sun, 25th Aug '02, 12:30 am::

So anyways, today I think I had the weirdest haircut in the world. Of course, the haircut was decent, but the whole experience wasn't. I woke up @ 9 and decided to go get a haircut, but when I went to this place I always go to, it turns out the guy's on a vacation and won't be back till next week. So either I wait till college starts to get a haircut (NO WAY!) or find another salon nearby. Now the problem is, there aren't any other decent (read CHEAP) salons in this area, so I figured, may be I'll go to New Brunswick (near my college) cuz they have lotsa small little salons etc. over there. So I just asked a random guy on the street if he knew any salons nearby and he told me to go to so-and-so street near this-and-that avenue. Fortunately it wasn't hard to find the salon. So I walked in and wrote my name on the waiting-list board. Here's what the board looked like:

  • Hector
  • Fernando
  • Jorje
  • Tony
  • Osibis
  • Pedro
  • Jose
  • Hector
  • Antonio
  • Jose
  • Chirag

Yup, that's right, I had encroached right into the midst of the mexican immigrant community. Fortunately, it was probably the nicest bunch of ppl I've met in weeks. Salsa was playin in the background and everyone was just joking around and laughing on this lovely Saturday morning. Every few minutes someone would shout out something loud and everyone laughed hard, EXCEPT me, cuz well, I don't understand Spanish - "No habla Espanol!" But it was a funny experience... here I was, a 100% thorough-bred Indian, right in the middle of 30-35 Mexicans, gettin' a nice cheap haircut listenin to some good hip-shakin music :) and I could see that EVERY person other than me was wondering what the hell was I doing there. Hehehe... Actually, I myself was wonderin what I was doing there... lol, till I realized, damn this is one of the cheapest haircuts I can get in the entire US of A! Dammit, I sooooo am going back there every few weeks again :)

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