Sun, 25th Aug '02, 2:55 pm::

Ok so even though I'm practically blind right now, here are some of the lethally hazardous activities I already performed: I fixed myself some *a-la-guy* lunch (ummm peanut butter jelly sandwich), saw Little Nicky for the 4th time, and took a shower! Yay for the me! Hehe. And now I embark upon the most dangerous mission of all - driving away outta my house! I'll prolly goto Barnes & Nobles and see if I'm ready to spend more money on college books, and prolly to Walmart to just buy anything random (I need a decent after-shave lotion.) Well it'll be a fun fun day devoid of all forms of technology :) *sarcasm* Hehe. Well at least I'll still have my cell on me. If u need me, you know my # already :)

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