Wed, 28th Aug '02, 11:30 am::

Here's a little tidbit of interesting Internet madness. There's this site run by this lady Karyn on how she blew up over $20,000 in debt because she bought all expensive clothes, shoes, and bags etc. So now being in $20k debt, she opened up a website to beg people for money, yes, e-begging! The interesting thing is, hundreds of losers already sent her thousands of dollars! Great. This proves that you don't have to be intelligent to be online. Hehe. In response to Save, Bob & Ben opened Don't Save Check out some pages from Karyn's site and see the parody in Bob & Ben's ripoff. And of course, how could the Internet survive without active participation from the canine species: Save Sheeba! So there you have it, a reckless dummy, two smartasses, and a real bitch. God bless the Internet!

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