Wed, 6th Nov '02, 10:35 pm::

Some random guy went to my Chime.Tv site and decided that I needed to hire employees, and so he sent me a 4-line resume without asking. It's pretty interesting actually, since it looks like he's trying the computer field cuz he realized his english major is not worth a dime! Here's the resume:

Professional Profile:

  • In-demand Web developer/designer with proven ability to transform concepts into online, interactive reality.
  • Combine creative, artistic talent with Java mindset to deliver revenue enhancing, marketing oriented sites.
  • Savvy web developer and polished, persuasive designer with three years of experience.
  • Advanced Computer

What the hell does the last line mean anyway? He has an 'Advanced Computer' in his house? Or he is himself an 'Advanced Computer'? Maybe this email was actually sent by an artificial intelligence robot? Who knows...

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