Tue, 31st Dec '02, 2:40 am::

Coolest futuristic prediction ever: What will earthly creatures look like millions of years in the future? Somehow, it seems like the scientists think most creatures will actually 'devolve' into their prehistoric ancestors. I dunno much about all this to comment intelligently, but I can say it's pretty damn cool to check out all the possible animal evolutions.

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Tue, 31st Dec '02, 1:20 am::

Extremely tired and sleepy right now. Had an ok fun day today. In the evening went to see a Speilberg film: Catch Me If You Can. A fantastic 100% fun filled 2 hours :)

Also got this email early in the morning which totally messed up my mood:

    "Hello Chirag,
    I'm ***** from 53 Morrell Street. I'm writing to tell you that unfortunately we rented the room to someone else today. Please don't take it personally, that's the way these things work sometimes. I'm sure you could still find a place close to college avenue and your job.
    sorry for the inconvenience,

    *****, 53 Morrell.

Yada yada yada! No matter how much I try to not take it personally, it's just not gonna work! Dammit it IS personal! It's not like they rejected me for a job or admission in a college based upon some written portfolio and letter of recommendations. I went there in person, talked to them nicely, asked them a few questions about the house and everyone living in it, they asked me a few questions about myself, and then I left smiling and hopeful. Then they picked someone else over me probably because they liked him/her more than me. If that's not personal, then I don't know what is personal. "Sure, you're a great decent guy, but we just don't want you living in our house with us you know!" Ya well, great.

As it is I have never ever been able to handle rejections very well, and now I gotta go back to Jersey and start the house-hunting process all over again, even though I will have NO time whatsoever for anything other than my job on campus and the 3-4 mega sites I have to start & finish within the next 30-45 days! Rejections, of any sort... somebody PLEASE teach me how the hell to handle them. Failure, I can absolutely handle, because I know that I failed ONLY because I did not work hard enough. And so I'm never worried about success & failure, because they are related to hard work, efforts, diligency, and perseverance (also luck & intelligence but I don't worry about them much). However, acceptance and rejections, I have no control over them. They are out of my powers. As I was growing up, I often thought that someday I'll learn how to accept rejections, or even learn how to get people to accept me. Alas, I'm still as naive and childish in this regards.

Oh well, what am I crying over! It's just a stupid house anyway! It's not like there's no other house in the area to move into! Argh!

Anyways, have a good night everyone! And almost a Happy New Year now... Tomorrow, I'm prolly gonna go a bit sightseeing around the city and maybe some cool New Year's Eve party :)

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Sun, 29th Dec '02, 8:05 pm::

I CAN SKI!!!!!! Today Purvi, Priya & I went to Brighton Ski Resort and skied non-stop for over 6 hours! Of course they took the harder ski tracks while I started on the beginner's slope. At 1pm, I got a 2 hour lesson on how to make turns and swivel across the slope to slow down or stop. And then I went on the same harder slopes as Purvi & Pri! Of course, I'm still a newbie, but let me just say that I am a much better skier than a skater/rollerblader. Hehe. Plus skiing does not hurt one bit if you do it right. Rollerblading and ice-skating hurts like hell no matter what!

What really made skiing today so much fun, was that it was snowing lightly all day and that made the slope soft and fluffy, meaning, no matter how many times I fell, it didn't hurt one bit (I stopped counting after 25 falls). Anyways, after skiing, we had a nice cup of hot chocolate and some french fries. The drive home was pretty beautiful too. Actually this whole place is just too damn beautiful. I mean come on, friggin snow-covered Rockies in your backyard! How awesome is THAT!

After coming back home, we went to this Indian Wedding reception and there my aunt introduced me to one of her friends who went to Rutgers loooooong ago. He went to IIT in the 70's, came to Rutgers and did his Masters in Material Sciences. It was really interesting talking to him; while I was trying to figure out what Rutgers was like three decades ago, he was starting to become all nostalgic. Well after having two samosas, Purvi, Pri and I just drove back home (I drove!).

Ok so there is it, one more interesting relaxing vacation day. I got 6 more :)

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Sun, 29th Dec '02, 12:55 am::

Hello from Salt Lake City, Utah! This has been one eventful day. I started at Newark, New Jersey at 6 am, then flew to Cincinnati, Ohio. There I had a nice pretzel with nacho cheese @ the airport and continued to Las Vegas, Nevada. En route, the pilot decided to be nice and took us on a 10 minute tour of the Grand Canyon! While I'm sure it's 10000 times more better in closeup, the view from the tiny little airplane window was breathtaking nevertheless. Once @ Vegas, I got to see a few casinos from the airport lobby, like the Stratosphere, MGM Grand, and Mandalay Bay etc. From there, I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah - my final destination.

I'm sure you're wondering why I took such a weird route (that took over 9 hours!) Well I bought my tickets a bit too late and this weird long route was the only thing I could afford. If I wanted a direct flight from Jersey to Utah, it would have cost me over twice the price I paid. Plus it was all fun. I got to be in 4 states in one day! Hehe.

Anyways, I'm here @ my grandma's sister's house. She's pretty young actually (about as old as my dad) and her daughters (technically my aunts) are same age as me. It's been a few months since I last saw Purvi & Priya (at Sneh's Sweet 16) and so I was pretty excited to meet them. Well, we had a nice lunch and then just relaxed for a few hours. And later in the evening, Purvi and I went and rented some ski equipment for me! Tomorrow I'm going skiing!!!!! While I'm excited, I'm still not sure what it's all about. So more updates on skiing AFTER I do it. Oh and I got an email from my dad cautioning me not to ski! Hehe. You know what that means! I HAVE to ski now 100%! Haha.

Along with ski equipment, we also got two movies tonight: Mallrats (upon Priya's request) and Monsoon Wedding (Purvi & I hadn't seen it). First we saw Mallrats and it was a pretty fun movie. In fact so much fun that I was not at all interested in seeing the other movie, because I knew it wasn't a laugh-out-loud comedy. But then since we had nothing else to do, we decided to see Monsoon Wedding after all, and well, let me just say that it is one of the most thought-provoking films I've seen in months, probably years.

Here is my interpretation of Monsoon Wedding: If you want to know as much about India and us Indians in as little time as possible, then just go to Blockbuster and rent this movie. While I am not an avid supporter of the high-profile pseudo-artistic foreign-film-festival-fodder Indian movies made by pretentious directors who prefer to portray modern India as a backward, uncultured, and crime-ridden confused country rather than a slowly but steadily developing nation, I have to admit that this movie totally negates any preconceptions (rather misconceptions) I had about it. This movie very honestly and truly depicts everything that happens on every street corner in India every day. From the ostentatious marriages in rich families to the poor "event manager's" simplistic romantic saga, the movie attempts to give a magnified view of how life goes on in a country chiseled by customs, traditions, class divisions between the rich and the not-so-rich, and the strong bonds that somehow integrate every family unit. India is not just about Taj Mahal, elephants, snake-charmers, hunger, beggars, Kama Sutra, Computer Software engineers, or cheap skilled labor. It's about the people, and this film successfully draws a vivid portrait of my huge one-billion strong Indian national family.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but thanks Mira Nair and keep up the good work. While a few of her past films failed to impress me, this one succeeded. Maybe, because this is her first movie that I have seen outside of India. But I didn't see this movie with the eyes of a foreigner. I saw the movie, as if trying to remember and reminisce, the first 20 years of my life back home. I am glad I haven't forgotten what India is. And I'm glad that there is a movie like this to remind me in case I forget.

Four words of advice: GO RENT THIS MOVIE NOW! Ok, it's five words, but still, you get the point... it's worth it!

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Fri, 27th Dec '02, 11:55 pm::

You know sometimes you have to go to bed without finding out the mystery. Yeah, they called me up and told me they need a little more time to decide whom to pick. They did say that I was their favorite choice (and that's a good relief) but they didn't want to rush into things. So well hopefully within 3 days I will know if I got the room or not. Oh well, best of luck to me.

Anyways, since my flight to Utah is at 6 am, I should leave the house @ 4 am, and that means I gotta wake up @ 3:45 am at the latest. That leaves less than four hours of sleep. So I better go to bed! G'nite world!

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Fri, 27th Dec '02, 8:05 pm::

Oh and I forgot to mention. This morning I went to the mall with the family and guess who we met? Johhny Lever - the biggest and most famous Indian comedian of today. He was just shopping around for a new suit and we just happened to run into him. I got his signature on my Chime.Tv business card :)

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Fri, 27th Dec '02, 6:20 pm::

Here's a pretty good article about 'blogging for employees who sometimes 'blog about their work. Personally, while I do talk about my work often (like TOO much work, or work's going great), I make sure that I never ever give out any confidential information like full names of the people I work with, names/descriptions of any projects in detail, or anything that might end up breaking the confidentiality agreement that I signed when I got the job. But well there's a lot of people (or in my words : MORONS) who think that they can crib about their job in their 'blogs as if it's a personal diary and nobody's gonna ever read it. Hello??? This is the damn Internet! One search in Google and everyone will find out your true feelings about your boss' wife! Hehe. So ya, if you are a fellow 'blogger, feel free to say anything you feel like about the people in your life, but just make sure you don't mention your work stuff in detail - cuz that's just heading straight into unemployment lines or worse, a lawsuit.

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Fri, 27th Dec '02, 5:45 pm::

I am VERY nervous right now. I just gave an 'interview' to the current residents of 53 Morrell Street. They seemed to be really nice people, all in their twenties, studying and working. I checked out the place and it's pretty nice & clean. There's only one problem though: two-three other people want the same room as me! So now it's like a contest and they will all decide whom to pick.

I am a good salesman when it comes to selling my work. But sadly, I realize that I'm not too good in selling myself. I know I'm nice and everything, but when it comes for people to select me based upon my behaviour, personality, and appearance, I really don't think I fare too well. They'll let me know if I get the place or not in 4-5 hours. So till then, I'm gonna hold my breath and hope for the best. The ball is in their court and there's not much I can do about it.

As I type this, I realize there's an interesting thing going on with this 'blog. If you are reading this before I wrote my next 'blog entry, then you are in the same boat as me - anxious to know if I will get it or not. But if you are reading this 10 hours from now, then I've most probably written whether I got the place or not. So to you this line is just one extra line you will have to read before you know the result. For me, it seems like the longest line that I've ever had to write.

Oh well, on a different note (and a much happier note), I GOT A 4.0! I did it again and don't ask me how! I got six A's :) in all my classes. I was nervous about Physics and Computer Architecture but I did really good in the final exams of both the classes. So this teaches me that last night cramming actually works for me! I am extremely happy with my results. Phew. Glad I didn't get a sore B in any class. Hehe.

Ok, so now I get back to being all nervous again. As my old man always says: Hope for the best and prepare for the worst!

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Thu, 26th Dec '02, 4:30 pm::

This is the coolest advertising ever! Of course, there's gonna be people who'll say stop with the advertising, but all this technology does, is customise which ads are shown to you - based solely upon which radio station you are listening to, as you drive by. Personally, I can't believe there are devices that can tell from a distance, which radio station you are listening to in your car! Sounds pretty sweet to me.

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Moving OutThu, 26th Dec '02, 2:50 pm::

As promised, here's the looooooong 'blog! Enjoy.

Lemme start with the most exciting news of all: I'm moving out! Yup, I finally decided that the simplest way to decomplexify my life was to find a nice place near my college and go live there :) And I found it! This morning I got a call from the current roomies and tomorrow I'll go and meet them. The deal sounds pretty decent: $450 a month including everything (water, gas, utilities, electric, cable tv, wireless hi-speed internet)! And you know the BEST thing? It's about 200 feet away from my work place! Yup! Just a 45 second walk to my work, College Avenue Student center, Au Bon Pain, Wendy's, College Avenus Gym, Computer Lab, Bus Station, and pretty much EVERY damn important place on campus :)

You know what I just realized? Some things are just supposed to happen, and some are not. And no matter how much we try to make them happen, some things won't. For instance, buying a car. I wanted to get a car since months. At the moment, I can even afford a real good car. But somehow I just don't want to pay so much for something that'll only give me transportation to college and back. It's just not worth it. But then last week when I thought about moving out as a viable alternative to buying a car, things suddenly started making more sense. Sure, it would cost $600-700 a month to live all by myself (including rent, food, amenities) which is the same as it would cost me to buy a car, but life on campus would be just soooo much more exciting. While life @ home with my family here is great, it's just too much like a school. I go to college during the day, study + work all day, come back home right before things get interetesting, study + work some more, then go to bed and the cycle continues.

But if I'm on campus, everything will be different. I would not have to worry about the lack of time to do things. I will have enuf time to do everything I want, since I wouldn't have to worry about coming to campus or being at home or anything. It's just simple - no tensions. My life, my time, my work. Damn I'm a selfish commie! LOL. But the bottom line is, finally, I can live the life of a college student. I can wake up when I want to, I can sleep if I want, or I can stay up all night talking to my new roommates or other friends on campus. I can finally be around people my age all the time (although a change would be welcome from time to time - that is home visits twice a month). And I can finally just wake up, brush, and WALK to my work! Haha. Hell if I practice enuf, I could probably hop to work! Or skip rope to work! It's only a stone's throw away.

Actually it's just good luck that I found a place so damn near everything. And see that's exactly what I'm saying! When I wanted to buy a car, nothing seemed to go right. Every dealer would give me weird prices, the car I almost bought wouldn't start, the insurance company would give me stupid extra-high rates! It just wasn't meant to happen. But now, as soon as I decide to move out, I coincidentally find a place right next to my work! There are over 800 houses in the area near my college, but most of them are at least a 10-15 minute walk from the student center. It HAS to be a big coincidence that I actually find a place on the SAME street as my work! My office is at 12 Morrell Street and this house I hope to move into, is at 53 Morrell Street! Talk about location!

Ya so I'm extremely excited 'bout this whole moving out thing. I talked to my uncle/aunt/cuzins and they agreed that if it's easier on me (oh yes!), and if I can afford it (yes I can), then it's best for me to move out. Of course, no more commute, expensive taxis, waiting for buses, or begging ppl to let me sleep over for the night. I'll be right in the think of things with ample time for socializing :) But I think my uncle and aunt were kinda disappointed though. I've been happily living with them for over two years now! And moving out away from them seems like a major decision. They didn't see this coming :( Anyways, I will be coming home regularly because I still gotta keep Chime Softwares alive :) So it's not like I'll run away and never come back. Hehe.

Okies so now we go on to the next item of importance: My vacation to Salt Lake City, Utah. I leave Newark early morning on Saturday and come back next Sunday evening. So it's like a 7-8 day vacation in the beautiful Rockies :) I can't wait to meet everyone there: Masa/Masi, Purvi, Priya, and their friends!

So what else is going on... Oh ya college! It's done for the month :) Although I start work on Jan 6th, my studies don't start for 2 weeks after that. Anyways, I'm hoping to get A's in all my classes for this term. Let's see what the final results say.

Ok so this was long enuf. It's vacation time and I don't wanna spend any more time on my computer. After all, once I come back from Utah, it's gonna be LOTS and LOTS of work non-stop all the time. So lemme just go and watch a movie or two in the meantime :) Later!

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Thu, 26th Dec '02, 1:45 pm::

Shower! (then a loooooooong 'blog)

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Thu, 26th Dec '02, 12:15 pm::


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Sun, 22nd Dec '02, 4:50 am::

And FINALLY someone smart enough to admit what I used to think all the time: Online terrorism is bullcrap and people should just stop trying to monitor the Internet. Guys relax, Al Qaeda is NOT gonna waste their time trying to hack eBay and Amazon! Ok?

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Sun, 22nd Dec '02, 4:35 am::

Now this kid is one smart hacker. What REALLY astonishes me is how schools and administrators can afford to have such stupid easily guessable passwords. God, next thing you know every kid gets a 4.0!

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Sun, 22nd Dec '02, 2:40 am::

Today is the shortest day of the year - the Winter Solstice. Not that it's affecting me in any way, it's 2:40 and I'm still awake! Hehe. Actually I just woke up 4 hours ago. After my last exam today (Physics I) I came home and just went to bed from 3-11 pm!

I just finished watching Indecent Proposal. I had always heard that it was a good movie but this was the first time I actually got around to seeing it. And now I'm watching Dirty Work on USA Channel. Real funny movie. I remember seeing part of this movie once but I had to leave because of something else. But right now, I got all the time in the world to finish it :)

Anyways, my grandpa had a successful brain operation yesterday. There's a second operation in 2 days. My dad said it's nothing to worry about. So well I'm trying my best not to worry.

My grades are starting to come in. I got A in Physics Lab, Intmd. Micro Econ, Diff. Equations - Calc 4, and Comp. Discrete Structures. I will probably get A in Comp. Architecture. But the chances of gettin' an A in Physics are slim. Oh well, I'm just hoping for the best...

Ok, back to watching more TV :)

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Thu, 19th Dec '02, 11:30 am::

I got an A in Economics :) and will hopefully get an A in Calc4 cuz I think I did pretty well.

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Thu, 19th Dec '02, 11:20 am::

3 down, 2 to go. Computer Architecture in 4 hours. Gotta go and study...

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Tue, 17th Dec '02, 10:45 pm::

Done with Economics. I'm afraid I didn't do my best. But seeing that I did really good in the two midterms, I have a really good chance of getting an A in the course. Anyways I got A in Physics Lab, and an A in Computer Science - Discrete Structures II. Three down, three to go :) Tomorrow I have Comp. Architecture review and lots of studies for Calc4. On Thursday I have both these exams. Can't wait for Physics to end on Saturday... ahhhh sweet freedom...

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Tue, 17th Dec '02, 11:45 am::

I'm studying for my economics exam right now.

My cuzin Keval just came online and told me that the IBM Research puzzle we solved together last week, has a list of people who answered it correctly, and our names are in there! Scroll to the bottom of this page till you see "Keval Mehta (12.14.2002@06:34:36PM EST)" and "Chirag Mehta (12.14.2002@06:34:36PM EST)". Well, next time we'll hopefully solve the puzzle on the first day itself. Hehe... And so our names would be on the TOP of the list rather than at the bottom. Ok back to Econ now.

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Mon, 16th Dec '02, 9:15 pm::

What did the Chief of FBI say that made President Bush cry?

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Mon, 16th Dec '02, 8:55 pm::

While studying for my economics exam, I ran across this article by Ben Stein; a very thought provoking article that warns that unless US doesn't stop trying to be 'cool' and starts being 'smart', it's gonna end up in a real bad situation. It won't take long before Europe takes over US if things continue to get worse at the current rate. Real good article. Read it.

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Mon, 16th Dec '02, 2:55 pm::

This article says that 20% of all accidents are caused by sleepy drivers. Well does that mean that we should ban driving who stay awake, because they cause 80% of the accidents? Hehe...

Anyways, I had my first exam this morning -Computer Science - Discrete Structures II. It went pretty well. I'm really hoping for an A in that class. I did good in the last exam and the homeworks too. Tomorrow I have economics. Gotta go study for that now :)

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Sat, 14th Dec '02, 11:55 am::

Last night's party was fun. Too bad it got over kinda quick. Just got home. Had breakfast. Doing laundry...

Anyways, this is the weirdest coincidence ever. Some player named Miroslav Satan saved the day in an ice-hockey match. Yeah his last name is Satan - the devil. But that's not the coincidence. He actually saved the team on Friday the 13th (December 2002). And that's not the weirdest part too. When you see Miroslav Satan's sports profile on Yahoo, the URL is : http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/players/6/666/! Yeah, the player's profile has the number '666' which is the Devil's number! Either all of this is a big joke, or really coincidental. I dunno. It's pretty interesting nevertheless.

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Fri, 13th Dec '02, 8:15 am::

Sweetie, we need to talk! Hehe. Just kiddin! I mean, I feel like talking :) Aren't you glad? Hehe. So let's see what's happening in my life overall. First up, studies, exams, and college. Next week is gonna be hell, but I feel like I am decently prepared for everything. I am not too worried about Economics and Calc4. I am slightly worried about CS 206 - Discrete Structures II. I am highly tensed about CS 211 - Computer Architecture. And I am extremely nervous with regards to Phyiscs I. I don't think there's a pattern here as to which subjects I feel are easy or hard. Basically I'm worried about the subjects in which I haven't done too well till date (CS211 & Physics), and not too worried about the ones I've done good in (Econ & Calc4).

Other than academics, I got a lot of pending stuff in college. First off, my tuition! At $6200 a semester, my college is taking away almost every penny that I have in my bank account :( I'm not gonna pay up till the next week, but still, it's gonna hurt real bad to see my nice four-figure balance drop to two figures :( Well anyway, at least my job on campus is going good. One of the systems I made is under extensive pre-user testing right now and will be in place for the general student/faculty users in January once college starts. My latest project is just starting to shape up well and hopefully I'll have something substantial before Xmas. Remember, I can't talk in detail about my work because of confidentiality reasons (I feel like a secret agent right now. Teehee...)

Oh tonight the sorority that Mich is a 'sister' in, is throwing a party and I'm invited. The theme is 'Sex on the Beach' (Don't get any dirty thoughts! 'Sex on the Beach' is actually a well-known cocktail. Check out its molecular-structure here! Hehe...) After I'm done w/ my two pre-exam review sessions today (Physics & Calc4), I'll go do some work + studies till the party starts :) I'm 99.99% crashing over on campus. Don't really wanna get back home in that *condition* you know. Hehe.

Ok so now we come to the most expensive detail of my life. Car. More specifically the 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer GS. Well, I got a real good quote from a local dealer and I can lease (=rent) the car for 3 years for $245/month. I can totally afford that! No problem. So why didn't I buy it already? What am I waiting for? Well you see, I'm in New Jersey, the state with the worst auto-insurance policy in the whole country, where the rates keep going up more and more! So interestingly, guess how much it would cost me to insure a car that I can lease for $245 a month? Hold your breath... $365 A MONTH!!! Yes, that's how much my insurance company told me would cost me a month IF I leased that loveleh Lancer. Can I afford it? Yes. But am I stupid enough to pay more money to insure a non-luxury economic family-sedan than actually lease it? NO! I can understand $200/month on insurance for a brand-new car, but how can insurance cost me 150% of cost of the car itself? I'd rather buy TWO cars! And if anything goes wrong with the first one, I will use the second damn car! It'll be CHEAPER! And I'll appear 'rich'. Hehe.

Ya so I'm REALLY pissed about the whole car thing. I asked my insurance company, (which is well-known for being the best company with cheapest rates) as to which car would I have to buy to keep my insurance low. Her answer was: "For any car you buy as a PRIMARY driver, you'll have to pay over $250 a month, since you are a single male, under 25, with less than 3 years of driving history. It's best if you buy a car in Jan 2004."

But dammit, I can't wait THAT long. I NEED a car right away. And I need more money to afford it. Well you know what I do when I feel like I don't have enough money? No, I don't try to 'save' money. I don't begin to cut-corners, save pennies, or collect coupons. I don't try to curtail my expenses smartly. And I sure as hell don't cry and whine that I have no money. I MAKE MORE MONEY :) That's what I'm gonna do now. If I have to earn an extra $5k a year to afford a car, by God's name that's exactly what I am gonna do, no matter what! If that means I have to work 20 hours a day and sleep less than 3 hours (it takes me at least one hour to brush, shave, shower, eat etc.), I'm gonna do it. I WANT MY BLOODY CAR! Hehe. Ahhhhhh sometimes it feels good to be mildly enraged. Hehe.

Have you noticed? I almost never ever get angry. Getting angry I feel is a sign of weakness (except in case of my dad, cuz everytime he gets angry, he gets even more powerful! hehe). So anyway, I keep changing subjects a lot. I think the appropriate phrase is: Random digression. My friends call me the 'Random Boy', because I might be talking about something and all of a sudden I jump to something else.

Ok back to reality, I gotta go to college now. Hopefully Angie's gonna get me free food @ the dining hall. Yay! Remember that quote about free food? Yup, it's the best kinda food in the world. Mmmmmm. Anyways, I feel like I've talking enough. I realize now that no matter how quiet I want to be sometimes, most of the times I like to yap non-stop! Conclusion? This 'blog will survive. Don't worry.

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Thu, 12th Dec '02, 5:05 pm::

Kinda late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Grandma!!! I love you and miss you soooooo much.

Anyways had a long but decent day today. Studying + working since early morning. Going home now, nothing interesting. Bleh! I got 5 exams next week. One on monday, one on Tuesday, two on Thursday, and one early Saturday morning. Ya, the finals are looming on my head.

Quote for the day: "The most valueable commodity in the world... is food. But not just any type of food. I'm talking about the best of the best: Free Food! Like lots of free pizza, unlimited supply of diet coke and tons of chocolate chip brownies. Yup, that's all I want..."

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Wed, 11th Dec '02, 9:10 am::

Work Wednesdays! I got a LOT of stuff to do. Last night I chatted w/ my sis online for a few mins. Things are ok on the family front I guess.

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Mon, 9th Dec '02, 1:35 pm::

After reading my last 'blog, Daddy emailed me. And now I'm getting...

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Nothing to saySun, 8th Dec '02, 12:35 am::

I never thought I would ever reach this point, but today, I feel as if I have nothing to say. Right now, other than this 'nothing-to-say' thing, there is really nothing I wish to share, comment on, or discuss. There is nothing going on that makes me wanna talk non-stop, and nothing so extraordinary that I am overly excited about. Things are good. Nothing's wrong. It's not too boring or dull either. It's just that I don't feel like talking anymore. I think this has happened because I haven't met any new people recently, and have pretty much nothing new to say to the ones I already know well. Sure I can say how much my Physics exam is scaring me, but it's nothing new. I can probably say dinner was good tonight, but it's always been equally good. I worked and studied and got back home, but I don't think any of that makes a difference to my existence.

I was always afraid that some time in the future, a day would come when I would stop wanting to write this 'blog, and last few days have seemed like it. While there are times when I would love to be able to write a 'blog entry on the spot (like when I woke up and saw snow for the first time this year, or just after I played football w/ the guys), I honestly don't think I feel any excitement at writing a 'blog past midnight when I have nothing to say in particular, other than recite my day's itinerary. I used to love updating my 'blog, not just because I like receiving feedback from lotsa people, but basically because I liked talking about things. Right now, I feel like I've said enuf in life. It's time for me to just shut up and do. Too much talk and blabber is not too good for anyone anyways.

Interestingly, none of this is having any effect on my mood, studies, work or anything. I'm doing the same things as I always did, except without trying to start conversations with random unknown people, and without trying to keep speaking non-stop all the time. Probably it's good; maybe it's bad. Frankly, I'd just like to stop here right now and go to bed :) I don't know when I'll update the 'blog again. Just don't hold your breath waitin' for an update. It could be as soon as next 5 minutes, or who knows... never ever again? Damn just thinking that this might be my last 'blog ever, makes me all nostalgic of when I started this last year.

Oh well, g'nite world.

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Fri, 6th Dec '02, 11:30 pm::

I'm still sore from yesterday. I took some Nyquil and am about to hit the sack. Oh and some GREAT news! My sister went to Singapore and brought me two newspapers! I'm sooooo excited. Thank you Bena!!! My collection is slowly but steadily growing :) Someday... all the countries of the world...

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Fri, 6th Dec '02, 3:00 pm::

I'm all tired right now. Still recovering from yesterday's 2-hour snow-football game w/ the guys. I was w/ my buddy Steve and @ 4 pm we decided that rather than be stuck in his apt., we should go out and play in the snow. So we went over to the Busch football fields and joined the 15-16 guys playing football. Ahhhhh it was good :) My whole body's sore though, after all it was tackle football! Hehe.

After the game, we watched Discovery Channel & funny movies on TBS Superstation all night. He's a really smart guy and likes stuff on Discovery like me. Oh and just before midnight we ordered pizza! Mmmmmmm. Cheese pizza = Good!

Ok, work now. Tonight I gotta study w/ the guys 'n girls from my economics class.

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Thu, 5th Dec '02, 9:30 am::

It's a SNOW DAY! They say anywhere between 6-12 inches. Wow. Snow, finally. Hehe. Brrrrrrrrr. It's cold out here.

Song for the day: "I'm still here" - Johhny Rzeznik - Goo Goo Dolls

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Mon, 2nd Dec '02, 11:30 am::

Wotsit.org - great site for programmers who want to know the file spec information of different file formats - from AIFF to ZIP. Beware Programmers: Trying to decrypt materials on this site can give you long-lasting headaches.

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Mon, 2nd Dec '02, 11:10 am::

One little I forgot to mention... 'Hello World', Ajooba is here :) Yup, I'm 75% done with the program and it's fully functional. It already plays pretty much all audio formats (wav, wma, mp3, real audio, au, midi etc.), video formats (avi, mpg, macromedia flash, quicktime mov, real video, asf, dat etc), images (jpg, gif, bmp, tif, wmf etc.), and documents (pdf @ the moment). It will eventually play a lot more formats. Also it has a nifty Quick Search feature and a decent PlayList option. The 'Options' panel is incomplete, but that's only cuz I need people to use it and tell me what extra options they need.

Took me 4 days of non-stop code-crunching, but I'm glad I did it. I've already stopped using TrayPlay, cuz Ajooba does everything it does and more. It's 5-10% slower than TrayPlay, but PC's are getting faster and faster everyday. So I really don't think it'll be much of a problem

Download Ajooba, run it, and tell me what you think! Seriously. I can't wait to get feedback from everyone. A few friends of mine tested it and they liked it. Let's hope more people use it and like it too.

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Mon, 2nd Dec '02, 10:55 am::

Ok, I'm all set to go and receive my family finally from the airport... After 18 days! Ahh... I've missed them a lot!

Song for the month: "My December" - Linkin' Park

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