Thu, 7th Nov '02, 11:55 pm::

Found this interesting new site: It tells you what Google thinks of any person, company, place etc. Pretty neat. Look what it says when I search for Chirag:

  • chirag is here
  • chirag is in search of a job
  • chirag is a currently a third year resident
  • chirag is the first field to produce crude from a production sharing agreement between azerbaijan and a bp
  • chirag is expected to increase to 17
  • chirag is a dynamic internet entrepreneur and a founding director of internet technology provider tradingparts
  • chirag is caught in a vicious cycle
  • chirag is still not convinced but shaken by the idea that mandira might be pretending to be pregnant

Even more interesting, are the results for poetic words like love, life, and beauty. It's like a long poem, written by an intelligent bot!

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