Mon, 18th Nov '02, 9:25 pm::

Since I have a lot of new web sites to design, I decided to finally get in line with the current trend and design all my new sites using CSS. CSS is a markup language for the modern browsers that enables the developer to seperate the content from style & structure. In other words, CSS is an addition to the HTML language (that is used to make web sites), and it greatly simplifies the design process. If used optimally, CSS eliminates the use of tables, ignores older browser-specific tags, and involves no messy javascripting. Everything is clean and efficient. These days a LOT of sites have stripped off their <table> tags and resorted to plain CSS. Also most experienced bloggers who use CSS, have very clean and simple designs :) 'Bloggers rawk!

Someday when I've time, I'll switch my 'blog over to CSS too. Actually I feel like it's the 'bloggin community that actually accelerated the spread of CSS - since being a 'blogger I can easily understand why separation of content from style is extremely useful. 'Blogs are ways to express oneself, and by every means, a way to display one's creativity and flair for good design. Not only do I want to write how I feel on my 'blog, but I also want to make sure it looks slick and clean. However, using existing HTML elements like tables, lists etc., it gets annoying to write a blog AND insert html tags everywhere to make sure it aligns perfectly with the overall page design. Once I'm switched over to CSS, I really wouldn't have to worry about design, since once set up, the design takes care of itself. Then all I'd have to do, is come in here everyday and type random stuff and hit 'Save' :)

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