Sun, 24th Nov '02, 1:30 am::

I had such a good day today. I woke up late, cleaned my room, bathroom, cleaned the kitchen, and then went to work. At 4 pm, my friend Vu came online and asked me if I was still shopping for a car. Instantly, we decided to go out and look for a good deal for myself. First we went to the local Hyundai dealer and checked out an Accent. But I wasn't impressed - it was clunky, made too much sound, and felt like I was driving a 1990 Tercel or something!

Next stop - Open Road Honda. We walked in and a salesman came upto us to help out. The coolest coincidence was that my buddy Vu knew his daughter! And then they started talking to each other in Vietnamese. And they even had the same lastname! So the salesman got all happy and started showing us all the best deals he could find. Finally I picked out a silver Honda Civic LX - 2002 model. It is fully loaded with power everything (steering, windows, doors, mirrors), metal alloy wheels, front-side-airbags, and an awesome 6-CD changer! I haggled over the price for a long time and we finally settled at a monthly payment of $200 for 36 months to lease the car (not buy). That is I pay $200 a month for 3 years and then give them the car back. Well I already pay around $100-120 a month on taxi, so $200 would not be hard at all, and in fact it will make my life sooo much easier and better!

So I put down a refundable reservation of $100 on the car and submitted all my credit-info. On Monday, the guy will let me know if I have been approved for the lease or not. And if I am, then once my uncle comes back from India, I can show him the car, and if he approves, I can just drive the car home :) And hopefully my monthly insurance costs will not rise a lot. I'm pretty excited about this whole car thing... Finally... after two and half years... you know...

Well so after the car-shopping with Vu, I went to Chichi's with Michele... mmmmmm Texas Nachos... I could not finish the whole thing and ended up bringing almost half the plate home in a package! Yay! Free food for tomorrow. Hehe. And Mich has been sooo nice lately... I'm glad I got a few good friends :)

Oh well, it's real late now and I gotta go to work tomorrow. So I should hit the sack right now. Good night world!

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