Sun, 24th Nov '02, 9:00 am::

Here's a good article on Leasing a Car, instead of buying it on a loan. As it turns out, I'm a perfect candidate for leasing, since I am "a low-mileage driver who maintains cars in perfect condition, doesn't like tying up capital in down payments and doesn't mind never-ending car payments." Actually I do mind never-ending car payments, but then at $200 a month I can't complain... can I? I've been researching online all this morning and from the 20+ articles + public reviews I've read so far, it seems that though my car's final price ($16395) is kinda high even for a loaded Civic LX, for some reason, my lease amount is much lesser than what everyone else is paying. A friend of mine leases a Civic and she pays $228 a month for her 2000 EX model. Though EX is a better trim than LX, she doesn't have any of the upgrades. So I guess it's an even deal. I'm still not 100% convinced though. I have to research a LOT more till I'm satisfied that I'm getting absolutely the best deal possible :)

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